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Justice League: Doom

A solid film with a couple of plot holes. If you're willing to wave these as standard comic book thinking then the remainder is highly enjoyable.

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

Fun enough but not really anything new or particularly interesting.


A fantastic Hamlet, with some interestingly modern tweaks that largely hits the mark.

The Five-Year Engagement

Wonderfully funny and nicely composed, a thoroughly enjoyable movie. Also: aye yay-ay-yay-ay-yay-ay-yay-yaaaaaa!

The Hateful Eight

The first half proves Tarantino is the master of suspense, whilst the second half throws it all away for a healthy dose of hyper-violence. Fun but could have been so much better.


A continuing masterpiece that hits the ground running, slips a bit and then rises to the challenge magnificently. There have been few shows to rival Sherlock in the history of television and no matter definitive take on the characters themselves.

The Entire Universe

A disjointed meshing of concepts that may have worked on paper but suffered in production. Definitely give it a miss.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

A spectacular and surprisingly intimate look at the characters that usually lurk in the background combines to form an excellent addition to the growing franchise.

Godzilla (2014)

A fun but basic monster movie, where the kaiju have more personality than the humans.

Wonder Woman (2009)

Diana is actually well written and Nathan Fillion is great as ever, but ultimately Wonder Woman fails to justify its plot in any meaningful way.

The Magnificent 7

Diversity done, if not right, then certainly better than required in an entertaining, action-packed retelling elevated by an excellent cast.

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