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No More Damp Stories

Storybook encourages setting the same arguments over and over and over again, but this is a pain to maintain. There is a better, DRYer approach, it's just not well documented.

European Accessibility Act

I read the entirety of the EAA – including all supporting documentation – so you don't have to.

Can You Code On An iPad?

How well does an iPad work as full code editing device; a veritable laptop replacement? That's what I wanted to find out.

A Ghost in the Machine

Or how I spent four days trying to debug a local Astro environment that refused to load any CSS.

Strictly Typed Object Keys in TypeScript

Want to type a data object so that a given key (e.g. "foo") can only be paired with a specific type (e.g. Bar)? Now you can!

2024: The Year Of ...

What are my goals, themes, and overarching desires for the year ahead; and how does 2023 compare to what I had hoped it would become.

Superscript, Subscript, & Accessibility

Are there any concerns with using superscript and subscript when crafting content for the web?

A Missing Narrative

Ever spend weeks writing something, hit publish, and then feel completely unsatisfied. That's what just happened to me. So I figured I'd try to work out why.

Git Authorship

How to change your Git author details for a single codebase, and check that the changes have taken effect.

One Neat CSS Trick

Using pseudo-selectors like :where and :not to invert style rules, allowing for better code encapsulation and context sharing across a codebase.

Disable Auto Summarisation in Readwise Reader

I think automatically pumping every article saved to Readwise through an LLM is a bad idea. Luckily, you can turn that feature off!

Written Unconformities

The trouble with drafting blog posts and then mentally filing them under "done", without ever actually hitting publish.

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