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What I'm Up To

The Big 3-0

If you'd asked me how I'd most like to spend my 30th birthday, I'd have said something like […]


Last Friday, my company ran a trial "work from home" afternoon. We were sent home at lunch and everyone had to log on to our services remotely, in order to stress test how they would cope under a […]

Classy Microformats

In which I begin by questioning why microformats are defined on the class attribute, instead of somewhere more bespoke, and end up concluding that I don't understand what microformats are actually for... and I'm not sure anyone else does, either.

Working Windows Wallpapers

Having trouble with Windows 10 and wallpaper slideshows? There's an app for that... actually, quite a few, they're just hard to find, so I curated a few that I've stumbled across for you.

IndieWebCamp London 2020

I finally made it to an IndieWebCamp meetup, even if it was remote only due to the increasingly restrictive implications of the coronavirus. I learnt a lot, I had a great time, and I'm ready to start implementing a whole bunch of new ideas right here. I also took a huge number of notes from the speakers and sessions throughout the day.

Locked Out

I mostly use my iPad for watching YouTube. So what do I do now that Google has locked my device out of the YouTube app because it's too old? Why is it possible for a company to effectively remove features from my device that worked yesterday?

Bar Billiards (Or Not)

Apparently, the 1930's saw a craze flooding Britain's pubs: bar billiards. It's a particularly mad (but intriguing) looking game that's 50% pool, 30% shuffleboard, 15% bowling, and 5% quidditch. […]

DJ Kose & Floating Points @ Printworks

Having spent several years without managing to get to Printworks, I've now been twice in a month. This time was to see DJ Koze; not quite the immense personal favourite that Goldfish are, but […]

Pass API Data to the Stylesheet with CSS Variables

I keep running into the same problem: how to set a style attribute in the CMS and have that be dynamically rendered on the front-end, without relying on inline styles. Turns out it's a great use case for CSS variables!

Living That Journal Life

I've wanted to diversify the content on here for a while and give myself the green light to write more personal stuff. To that end, I've created a new journal section. I hope people enjoy it, but that really isn't the point πŸ˜‰

The Climbing Hangar

We're continuing the trend of finally actioning gifts I've given Alison over the last few years. This time it's a session at a nearby (as in walking-distance nearby) climbing wall, something I'd […]

Orchids After Dark @ Kew Gardens

We've been members at Kew pretty much since we moved to London, primarily (I have to admit) because it's the best place within an hour of where we live to play PokΓ©mon Go during big […]