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Design Engineer Anxiety

Having literally just pushed my ideas about job titles out into the world, I discovered that the world was coming to a totally different conclusion. That was an unusual and anxiety-inducing position to be in, but I think it was ultimately beneficial.

Green Versus Red

Clearly last year's global Go Fest was a success, because six months later Niantic have followed it up with a ticketed Kanto event. Focusing on the original slate of 151 PokΓ©mon, the event included […]

What Even Am I?

Making the case for the title UI Engineer as a meaningful descriptor for those of us that consider our work in front-of-the-front-end terms.

Fixing Amazon Photo Crashes

Amazon Photos on Windows has been force quitting for unknown reasons. Well, I finally found a fix, so I thought it might be worth sharing it with other people.

A Wander through the Woods

As our time in Cumbria comes to a necessary close, it felt right to head out for our longest local walk yet. We drove down to the Middle Gelt viaduct only a few minutes outside of the village), […]

Using IBM's Carbon Design System with NextJS

The combination of the Carbon design system and NextJS should make for rapid website development, but I ran into a few small hurdles getting them to play nicely with one another using existing documentation and community guidelines.

Brampton Mote

With London in Tier 4, Cumbria heading for Tier 3, and the Christmas "free for all" period cancelled, we've found ourselves a little stranded in Cumbria. We'd always planned to go back within […]

Frozen Fieldfares

Each day the weather gets a bit more wintery, which can only mean one thing: snow on the high tops! Both the lakes and the distant Scottish mountains had been peppered with white drifts overnight, so […]

The Hidden Tarn

The various lockdowns have forced everyone in the UK to explore their local areas much more than they had previously, and my parents are no exception to that rule. Earlier in the summer, their local […]

A Virtual Halloween

Halloween: the greatest time of the year. A day (or, in our household, long weekend) dedicated to celebrating movies, board games, snacks, junk food, gourd art, alcohol, costumes, friends, and the […]

Animated Content Placeholders

What do you do when a website has loaded but the content is still being fetched from an API? One answer is to fill the page with animated placeholders, creating a skeleton of what the user can expect, with a dash of CSS animation to let them know that something's still going on behind the scenes.

Peak District Getaway

... otherwise known as the Great Vulture Failure of 2020 […]

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