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What I'm Up To

Transparent Layers With Color-Mix

The color-mix property enables a lot of interesting functionality when you realise that you can use it to mix transparency into colours, including design tokens.

DDEV: A Worthwhile Investment?

Various notes from my battle to get a local development environment working for Craft CMS.

Better Diacritics on Windows

Annoyed by Alt-codes and incomplete keyboard shortcuts? Yearn for the long-press functionality of every other OS? Just freakin' want easier en-dash access? Windows doesn't have to be this annoying; there are some options!

A Twitter Escape Hatch

Want to read Tweets from people you follow, without using Twitter? Readwise has a tool for that.

Restoring a Lost Firefox Session

Ever close Firefox or have a crash, restart it, and discover an entire window of tabs is missing? You can potentially resurrect that lost session state, if you act quickly enough.

The Trick to Animating Grid Columns

Animating a grid element provides a lot of potential for fancy UIs and interesting interactions, but it's not immediately obvious when searching online how it needs to work and what the limitations are.

A Valid HTML Datetime

Need to use an HTML datetime attribute? Can't remember the correct format, or which JavaScript function will output it? Well, here you go!

A Local Data Store in Astro

A quick (and dirty) way to fetch local data from a JSON file and modify the look of a page in Astro, completely natively.

Clickable Confusion with NVDA

Understanding why non-interactive Storybook components are often announced as clickable by NVDA and other screenreaders.

Herding My Thoughts

After a month on the Fediverse, what parts have I grown to love, which parts would I like to see changed, and what has surprised me the most.

Marking up a Tracklist

Is an album's tracklist better suited for a table or a list? The answer may surprise you! (But it probably won't).

Bye-Bye, Fowl Place

After over a decade on the platform, the time has come to step away from Twitter, likely for good. What a shame.


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