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What I'm Up To

A Virtual Halloween

Halloween: the greatest time of the year. A day (or, in our household, long weekend) dedicated to celebrating movies, board games, snacks, junk food, gourd art, alcohol, costumes, friends, and the […]

Animated Content Placeholders

What do you do when a website has loaded but the content is still being fetched from an API? One answer is to fill the page with animated placeholders, creating a skeleton of what the user can expect, with a dash of CSS animation to let them know that something's still going on behind the scenes.

Peak District Getaway

... otherwise known as the Great Vulture Failure of 2020 […]

Fulham Cake Crawl

Another weekend without obvious plans, except for the fact that most (if not quite all) of the shops, cafΓ©s, and takeaways near us have reopened. So, in the spirit of "eat out to help out" and […]

Norwood, Caribbean, and Cards

It's a long weekend, but we hadn't planned anything special. An early invite up to Scotland with my parents felt a little too risky, but a follow-up suggestion to head over to South London to catch […]

Picnic @ Kew Gardens

We're still avoiding public transport (haven't been on a train or bus since early March at this point 🤯) so after getting an invite to see some friends we ended up walking to, around, and […]

Books vs the Web

I love books. I have a huge collection of them and I routinely add to it. But when it comes to the topic of spreading knowledge and information, I think the web wins. It may not be as nice to use, but it is more accessible, and that means it's more valuable.

Be Curious About Your Code

I've been thinking a lot about an article I read recently that called out technical writing online for being overly trusted. But shouldn't that same argument apply more universally to third-party code coming from any source?

Hillier Gardens

After four and a half months of avoiding almost everyone, we decided to meet up with Alison's parents midway between London and Exeter. The pandemic rolls on, of course, but we felt comfortable […]

Go Fest Worldwide

I've been playing PokΓ©mon Go for a little while now (as has Alison) so when it was announced that a real-world event would finally be coming to London this year I was quite excited. […]

Drumming in the Air

It's July, which means it should be time for the annual Walthamstow Garden Party festival. As the Garden Party is funded and run by the Barbican and Guild Hall groups, who are also […]

Welney Wetlands

Our week of exploration ended with the longest trip yet: Welney Wetlands. We'd originally planned to visit Welney (and the nearby town of Ely) for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday this […]

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