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Be Curious About Your Code

I've been thinking a lot about an article I read recently that called out technical writing online for being overly trusted. But shouldn't that same argument apply more universally to third-party code coming from any source?

Hillier Gardens

After four and a half months of avoiding almost everyone, we decided to meet up with Alison's parents midway between London and Exeter. The pandemic rolls on, of course, but we felt comfortable […]

Go Fest Worldwide

I've been playing PokΓ©mon Go for a little while now (as has Alison) so when it was announced that a real-world event would finally be coming to London this year I was quite excited. […]

Drumming in the Air

It's July, which means it should be time for the annual Walthamstow Garden Party festival. As the Garden Party is funded and run by the Barbican and Guild Hall groups, who are also […]

Welney Wetlands

Our week of exploration ended with the longest trip yet: Welney Wetlands. We'd originally planned to visit Welney (and the nearby town of Ely) for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday this […]

Richmond Park

For our third day trip we wanted to give the car a rest, so packed our bags and struck out for Richmond Park. Despite living in south-west London for over two years, we still hadn't made it past […]

The Isle of Grain & Oare Marshes

For our second outing we wanted to really "stretch our wings" and get far out of the city. At the same time, what with the heatwave, getting to the coast felt like a good idea. Of course, we […]

Devil's Punchbowl & Home Park

With travel restrictions lifting, incredibly sunny weather, and Alison being asked to take some holiday (to help spread out leave), we decided this was going to be a week of exploration and nature. […]

Grid-ish Flexbox or Flexible Grid?

The new dominant layout methods in CSS – grid and flexbox – have solved a lot of issues. Still, sometimes the ideal layout is somewhere in the middle: a flexible grid-like mashup. With a bit of outside-the-box thinking, you can there from either angle.

JSNation Live 2020 Notes

Another month, another big and fully remote JavaScript conference. JSNation fit into my schedule a little less (and didn't quite overlap with my interests as neatly) but it was a fun event with some interesting talks on topics that are often only on my periphery. Much to think about!

Trunks and Masters

There are several strong arguments for moving away from using "master branch" as default terminology, but what should it be replace with? Personally, I like the idea of extending the tree abstraction that we use when talking about branches, so have started using "trunk".

2020 Challenges: Mid-Year Update

We're almost at the midway point of 2020, so I thought it would be a good moment to take a look at my New Year's challenges list and see how things were going.


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