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A Buzz in the Meadow

A disjointed yet intriguing collection of anecdotes from the academic side of conservation and environmental research.

Dune: Part Two

A masterclass in narrative, action, and – in particular – design. 

The Hunt for Gollum

An amateur yet heartfelt and true expansion of the epic tale, with some surprisingly solid practical effects.

Deep Space Nine

Gotta love a spin-off that decides to really double down on the weirdest aspects of the universe.

War Stories

Fictional stories from real wars, told with a kind of brutal honesty, but without any clear motivating point (for the most part). And maybe that's okay.

The Black List

A rough-around-the-edges thriller/procedural that has a solid enough core premise to keep you trudging through until it properly finds its feet.

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Series Updates


Tales of the wizards, dragons, sailors, and people of Earthsea.

Assassins Creed

Historical fantasy series with a bizarre (and still not entirely wanted) sci-fi twist, some of the best action controls in gaming, and a genuinely impressive approach to open-world movement.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The series that just won't quite stay dead long enough to be mourned, much like most of the main characters.


One of the best superhero franchises ever, and also one of the most impressive and innovative animations ever.

Collection Updates


From the West Farthing to the Sea of Rhûn, anything that is directly (or indirectly) connected with the lands of J.R.R. Tolkien's imagination.

Star Trek

All things Federation, Klingon, Vulcan, Borg, Romulan, and the rest.

Graphic Novels

Visual tales from both the big studios like Marvel, DC, and Vertigo, as well as smaller, more intimate indie creations.


Marvel comics, graphic novels, TV shows, films, and everything in between.

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