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Free Guy

Much more fun than it needs to be, with plenty of charm, a great cast, and far more gamer jokes than I'd expected.

Human Resources

Definitely gets rolling by the end, with some solid new characters, plus a few duds, but is lacking some of the heart of Big Mouth.

Big Mouth

A surprisingly intelligent dissection of adolescence, puberty, and high school with a dark and lewd sense of humour that has utterly won me over.

Prehistoric Planet

The best dinosaur documentary ever made, and one of the finest pieces of scientific outreach ever.

Hit Monkey

A surprisingly rich and interestingly nuanced tale of revenge and justice, with plenty of excellent action and some flair animation.

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Series Updates

Bond: Sean Connery

The original Bond and, arguably, still the face of the franchise.

Bond: Daniel Craig

The most recent take on the eternal spy and the first proper reboot the series has ever had.

Lego Movie

The surprisingly complex and well crafted advertising franchise that launched a thousand imitators.

Assassins Creed

Historical fantasy series with a bizarre (and still not entirely wanted) sci-fi twist, some of the best action controls in gaming, and a genuinely impressive approach to open-world movement.

The Matrix

Leather. Bullet time. Sunglasses. Prophecies about Messiah-like saviours. Robots. Mr Smith. Y'know, the Matrix!

Collection Updates

Animated Sitcoms

Comedic animated TV shows made for big kids.


Marvel comics, graphic novels, TV shows, films, and everything in between.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU, a collection of movies and TV shows set across a shared narrative.

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