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The ridiculously sublime adventures of Rick Castle and his much more qualified friends. Not exactly high art, but a whole lot of fun, with greater depth and better plots than it needed.

The Mitchells vs The Machines

Utterly inventive, brilliantly funny, and beautifully crafted. The central plot is a little by-the-numbers, but everything else is as original as they come, and the movie shines as a result.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

A decent fleshing out of two interesting characters from the MCU, with a solid ending and some powerful themes, yet ultimately let down by a lacklustre first half and a generally poor, rushed execution.

Identity Thief

A solid comedy with some interesting (albeit slightly over-the-top) characters and more societal nuance than expected.

The Proposal

A surprisingly funny and interesting film with a great cast and a brilliant amount of Betty White.

The Accountant

A surprisingly clever and different action movie with some great moments, clever twists, and an overall solid plot. Could have been tightened up in a few places, and the portrayal of autism is maybe lacking in nuance, but still enjoyable.

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Series Updates

Mad Max

The franchise that brought the world dieselpunk and glorified environmental dystopia.

Wreck-It Ralph

A cameo-filled look at modern kids culture, gaming, and all the bits inbetween.

Star Wars: Prequels

A decent story marred by poor acting, poor directing, and some deeply problematic decision making, yet still clearly Star Wars.


The misadventures of the most wholesome bear and adoptive family to grace the screen in years – possibly ever.

James Acaster: Repertoire

A comedy mini-series that loosely ties together a collection of bizarre tales into a single whole.

Assassins Creed

Historical fantasy series with a bizarre (and still not entirely wanted) sci-fi twist, some of the best action controls in gaming, and a genuinely impressive approach to open-world movement.

Collection Updates


Independent and art-house animated films that otherwise don't fit existing categories.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU, a collection of movies and TV shows set across a shared narrative.

Disney Animation

Classic and modern animated stories from the House of Mouse.

Romantic Comedies

The world of romance, ill-fated attraction, and many an inappropriate laugh.

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