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A fun film with a great cast and some very imaginative modernisation of traditional fantasy tropes. It may lack the normal depth and spark of a Pixar film, but it's far from being a waste of time.


Season one is a meta-humour comedy masterpiece, with an exceptional cast and so many inventive, out-of-the-box ideas it's baffling. From there, it's a bit up-and-down, but it stays just as loveable, exciting, and entertaining throughout. Plus, paintball... 'nuff said!

Black Panther

A beautiful and iconic introduction to one of the more interesting MCU characters, with epic action and a plot that adds some much-needed real-world impact to the MCU.


A fascinating look into the life of one of music's biggest stars, made real by a brilliant cast and incredible leading performance by Taron Egerton.

His Dark Materials

An outstanding adaptation that genuinely stands up to the books, with a brilliant cast and exceptional design. The world of Lyra Silvertongue, a world of dæmons, armoured bears, witches, and cities in the sky, hasn't felt this real, this tangible, or this magical since I first read The Northern Lights.

The World's End

Still funny, still action packed, and still with a great cast... but a little of the magic has slipped at this point. It's a competent close to the Cornetto Trilogy, but it will forever be overshadowed by the films that came before it.

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Series Updates

Cornetto Trilogy

The ridiculously brilliant and brilliantly sublime trilogy of disconnected horror-comedies, each featuring a purchased Cornetto ice cream.


The rebooted franchise that really shouldn't have worked, yet did. Somehow, Jumanji is now a trilogy to reckon with.

Night at the Museum

Huge amounts of fun with so many cameos you lose track, even if the actual history is a little bizarre at times.

The Princess Diaries

The world's introduction to Anne Hathaway that gave us a surprisingly solid set of films, albeit ones focused on crafting an idealised female fantasy rather than a rigorous plot. Family fun that has stood the test of time.

Star Wars: Sequels

The anticipated follow up with George Lucas no longer in charge. Better than the prequels, with some excellent moments and the best acting in the franchise. Let down by a lack of creative consistency though.


Hyper-violent and wonderfully sarcastic, the surprise spy franchise that keeps on deliverying ridiculously over-the-top fun.

Collection Updates

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU, a collection of movies and TV shows set across a shared narrative.


Recordings or live streams of theatre performances from all over the world.


Animated TV series either from Japan or heavily influenced by Japanese story telling, tradition, and art style.

Stop Motion

Films and TV shows that use one of my favourite animation techniques (or which so closely mimic it with CGI as to be considered comparable).

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