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Overly saccharine at times (even for Disney), but beautifully animated, excellently paced, packs one hell of an emotional gut punch, and contains some brilliant songs.

Guns Akimbo

Hugely fun, utterly ridiculous, and Radcliffe is excellent. About as good as the concept could be, but a little too many styles in play at once.

Matrix: Resurrections

An extremely meta tale that thankfully builds on the existing world without becoming overly convoluted in the process.

Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit

A joyous, ridiculous, feel-good classic, even if the story is a little by-the-numbers.


A phenomenal opening salvo to the wider world of Runeterra, with incredible animation and exceptional character depth.

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Series Updates

Lego Movie

The surprisingly complex and well crafted advertising franchise that launched a thousand imitators.

Star Wars: Prequels

A decent story marred by poor acting, poor directing, and some deeply problematic decision making, yet still clearly Star Wars.

Wreck-It Ralph

A cameo-filled look at modern kids culture, gaming, and all the bits inbetween.

Collection Updates


Independent and art-house animated films that otherwise don't fit existing categories.

Disney Animation

Classic and modern animated stories from the House of Mouse.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU, a collection of movies and TV shows set across a shared narrative.


Marvel comics, graphic novels, TV shows, films, and everything in between.


The fantasy world of League of Legends, now including graphic novels, TV shows, and other video games.

Stop Motion

Films and TV shows that use one of my favourite animation techniques (or which so closely mimic it with CGI as to be considered comparable).

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