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The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

A gold standard in dramatised comedy and a wonderfully funny, enthralling show elevated by excellent design, a brilliant cast, and superb writing.

The Shape of Water

A beautiful, atmospheric film with an exceptional cast. The epitome of del Toro's work and an extremely fun modern take on a beloved classic.

Wine Country

An utterly banal experience. The jokes aren't memorable, the story is by-the-numbers, and the conclusion is just a touch dull. Not awful, but not good; a vanilla experience.


Sherlock Holmes meets Scrubs. It could have been awful – in some ways, it should have been – but some genuinely interesting writing and the ever exceptional comedic timing/acting of Hugh Laurie make it a modern classic instead (even with the season four blip).


Utterly brilliant. An exceptional cast, brilliant staging, riveting story, and phenomenal music combine to make an incredible experience that will have a lengthy impact on both the theatre scene and culture in general.

Crazy Rich Asians

A solid and refreshing rom-com that eschews some of the more formulaic tropes for deeper characters and a more interesting plot, pulled off by some brilliant direction and superb performances.

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Series Updates


The rebooted franchise that really shouldn't have worked, yet did. Somehow, Jumanji is now a trilogy to reckon with.

Night at the Museum

Huge amounts of fun with so many cameos you lose track, even if the actual history is a little bizarre at times.

The Princess Diaries

The world's introduction to Anne Hathaway that gave us a surprisingly solid set of films, albeit ones focused on crafting an idealised female fantasy rather than a rigorous plot. Family fun that has stood the test of time.

Star Wars: Sequels

The anticipated follow up with George Lucas no longer in charge. Better than the prequels, with some excellent moments and the best acting in the franchise. Let down by a lack of creative consistency though.


Hyper-violent and wonderfully sarcastic, the surprise spy franchise that keeps on deliverying ridiculously over-the-top fun.


A decent if relatively small-scale introduction that defines the character well. Followed by a lacklustre sequel with irritating and distracting side plots, and then utterly revitalised by an imaginative and extremely fun third act.

Collection Updates


Recordings or live streams of theatre performances from all over the world.


Animated TV series either from Japan or heavily influenced by Japanese story telling, tradition, and art style.

Stop Motion

Films and TV shows that use one of my favourite animation techniques (or which so closely mimic it with CGI as to be considered comparable).

Animated Sitcoms

Comedic animated TV shows made for big kids.

DC Heroes

Everything Batman, Wonder Woman, and beyond. The DC:EU, DC:AU, graphic novels, TV shows, all in one place.


Marvel comics, graphic novels, TV shows, films, and everything in between.

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