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Outshines the source material in almost every way, with excellent casting and performances, yet is somehow too weighed down by the original to truly reach its potential.

Centaur World

Loveable weirdness with some surprisingly fun gimmicks and dark undertones.


A surprisingly novel (and frequently hilarious) addition to the halls of the Great British panel show.

Wonder Woman 1984

Some nice character moments and another interestingly subversive villain, but let down by a lack of original ideas and very little character development.

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Series Updates

Lego Movie

The surprisingly complex and well crafted advertising franchise that launched a thousand imitators.

Star Wars: Prequels

A decent story marred by poor acting, poor directing, and some deeply problematic decision making, yet still clearly Star Wars.

Wreck-It Ralph

A cameo-filled look at modern kids culture, gaming, and all the bits inbetween.

James Acaster: Repertoire

A comedy mini-series that loosely ties together a collection of bizarre tales into a single whole.

Collection Updates


Independent and art-house animated films that otherwise don't fit existing categories.


The canonical brick-based comedies that taught the world how everything is awesome... and will never let us forget!

Disney Animation

Classic and modern animated stories from the House of Mouse.

DC: Extended Universe

The DC extended universe, a series of films that all tie together.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU, a collection of movies and TV shows set across a shared narrative.


Marvel comics, graphic novels, TV shows, films, and everything in between.

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