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Welcome to the Jungle

Not even a surprisingly solid cast can lift this distinctly D-tier plot above a confident "meh", though the action sequences are pretty out-there.


A beautifully shot, narratively rich, and faithful expansion of the Clone Wars and Rebels plot lines, characters, and ideas.

Prep and Landing

A competent story wrapped up in some very fun gags and a heap of Christmas cheer.


A rocky plot and corny "cool" dialogue improved by excellent casting and a core rock of a leading man.

Treasure Planet

A clever sci-fi adaptation that strays surprisingly little from the original source – possibly not enough.

Bloons TD 6

Finally, a tower defence game that feels fun. Solid multiplayer is the bonus cherry on top!


A novel and addictive format combined with a fun, unique art style make for an excellent mobile game.


A predictable plot, a fun cast, and some solid choreography create a perfectly middle of the road film.


One of the MCU's best characters stars in one of the MCU's best TV shows. A mind-melding adventure filled with twists, laughs, and mysteries.


Well crafted, with a solid finale, but somehow lacking in the character depth needed to truly capture your attention.


Utterly riveting, weaving a mystery that manages to consistently deliver without feeling trite or cliche, and backed up by excellent craftsmanship from the whole team.

The Marvels

Whilst Kamala decidedly steals the show – and some of the plot points are not overly explained – this is still a solid team up and a whole lot of fun.

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