Graphic Novels

Visual tales from both the big studios like Marvel, DC, and Vertigo, as well as smaller, more intimate indie creations.

All-Star Superman

A fun twist on the classic character with some strong beats, but a little incoherent if you aren't knee-deep in the existing lore.

Analog And D-Pad

An extremely fun mash-up of gamer culture and superhero tropes that breathes new life into these beloved characters and begins building a world that I'm definitely intrigued by.

Black Science

Superbly crafted, intricately written, and beautifully drawn. The sci-fi and world-building are original and always imaginative, the pace explosive, and the characters fascinating. One of my favourite graphic novel runs to date.

Dracula: The Graphic Novel

A decent adaptation, well-drawn and entertaining enough to keep the pages turning.

Green Lantern: In Brightest Day (Tales from the Green Lantern Corps)

A brilliant introduction to the Green Lantern franchise; a near-perfect anthology of critical moments in the development of the series and lore.

Green Lantern: No Fear

A solid (false-) start to the soft reboot of the Green Lantern Corps and everything that comes with it.

House of M

A genuinely interesting idea executed extremely well, with great pacing and some very clever moments.


A brilliant Batman story with a fantastic new villain and utterly beautiful artwork. One of the Bat's best.

Jupiter's Circle

A surprisingly complex take on the Silver Age of superheroes with a new cast of characters, very much in their heyday yet dealing with some pretty major issues. Think Watchmen meets Justice League, only set in the 50s.


An interesting dive into Demacia and the evils of oppression, though a little lacking in true depth.

Power & Responsibility

Hits all the key story points and sets the stage for a more modern take on the wall crawler.


A fantastic space-fantasy with a fascinating universe and lots of clever ideas, all surrounding an engaging and believable central cast – despite all of the horns and wings!

The Killing Joke

The Joker's take on himself, a brilliantly written and poignant look at one of the best villains created and a justifiably revered arc. Truly excellent.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

A brilliantly crafted mashup of literary characters that is a delight to read; one of the best graphic novels I've picked up to date.

The Man Who Laughs

Perhaps not the definitive Joker story, but still a damned fine one with excellent tension and artistry.

The Midas Flesh

A really cool idea stifled by mediocre execution and poor world-building.

The New Frontier

A bold, tightly constructed story that neatly blends the Golden Age of heroes with DC's Silver Age, with plenty of grounding the real-world politics and issues of the time.

The Starcaster Chronicles

A thrilling ride with a fun central gimmick and some interesting, novel ideas, even if the main plot is very reminiscent of genre classics like Firefly.

War Stories

Fictional stories from real wars, told with a kind of brutal honesty, but without any clear motivating point (for the most part). And maybe that's okay.

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