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Nine design tips for a successful company logo | The Logo Smith

There isn't too much to add beyond the title. Ruta has put together an endearing infographic with a pretty decent list of key points to consider. Now, I'm not much of a logo designer myself, but the list seems well constructed and its appearance on TheLogoSmith is reason enough for me to believe it's fairly accurate. I do feel that the 'categories' of trending designs are a little broad-stroke (I'm not sure I could find any logos that wouldn't fit into at least one of them) but there are some pretty neat examples included – particularly the ombre pangolin! Makes me wonder if the time has come to finally dip my toes back into the logo design pond...

Examples for the logo category "ombre" or stepped-colour increments. Includes the Instagram logo as well as a butterfly with colour-graded wings, a range of mountains that fade into the distance, and a pangolin where each row of scales is a slighlty darker shade of red than the last.
It's probably unsurprising that my eye was drawn to the colourful animal...

Note: this was originally part of a full article titled "Thoughts from around the web" and the 13th post in my New 52 challenge. That article also linked to a blog post on modular design and a critique of modern "culture-fit" hiring practices. For posterity, the below paragraph has been kept here; it was originally the introduction to the article:

I'm not going to lie, I'm behind. I won't be getting March's MiM up any time soon (hopefully next week) but I've still spent all my free time this week trying to get it rounded off. Well, I'm happy I spent the time on that, but it's left me without any inspiration for what else to post. Still, post I must, and luckily I've recently found myself stumbling on to some very interesting, but not individual-post-worthy, articles. So here, in no particular order, are three things I enjoyed reading:

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