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Pass API Data to the Stylesheet with CSS Variables

I keep running into the same problem: how to set a style attribute in the CMS and have that be dynamically rendered on the front-end, without relying on inline styles. Turns out it's a great use case for CSS variables!

Living That Journal Life

I've wanted to diversify the content on here for a while and give myself the green light to write more personal stuff. To that end, I've created a new journal section. I hope people enjoy it, but that really isn't the point 😉

2019 In Numbers

An amalgamation of all the data you get fed at the end of a year. From Spotify Wrapped, to Google tracking, to my own beer journal, a look back over 2019 from a (mildly) data-centred viewpoint.

Installing Craft on Arcustech

A step-by-step guide to installing Craft CMS 3+ on the Arcustech hosting services, because sometimes all the command line steps can seem a little daunting if you aren't used to it!

A Folk Load of Music

Having just got back from Sidmouth Folk Festival, I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts about the eleven artists we managed to see whilst the music was still firmly playing in my ears. From the traditional to the modern "nu-folk", we certainly had a great spread of styles, instruments and traditions. Some might even say it was folk'ing awesome!

Editing Commit History in Git/GitHub

I was recently given a new laptop at work (🥳), but failed to realise that my Git author details weren't syncing correctly with GitHub for almost a month... 🤦 Rather than simply accept those white squares, I decided to rewrite the repository history. The process turns out to be quite simple, but I still hit several snags so figured it could be useful to document my fixes and errors.

Third Time's The Charm

Welcome to the third version of theAdhocracy! It's been a long time coming, but the site has finally been rebuilt, rehosted, and re-just-about-everything else, so I figured I'd actually formalise the launch with a new post explaining what's happened and why.

Crafty Asset Management

Migrating assets to a new CMS can be a complete pain, but working out which files go with each page or article on a website doesn't have to be a nightmare if you start with a solid foundation. For me, that means tightly coupling my folder structure on the server with my content structure on the website, a workflow that Craft is particularly nifty at automating.

Grid Lock

An attempted experiment to replicate the blog layout of ilovetypography.com, which uses floats to great effect, with more modern CSS Grid and Flex techniques. Turned out to not be quite so simple, but taught me a lot about the benefits and limitations of CSS Grid.

Finding the Time

We have seven days in a week, 24 hours in a day – but what does that actually mean when trying to set aside time to work on side projects? Once you take into account work hours, time to eat and sleep, and everything in between, is it all as bad as it feels?

Game of Thrones: A Retrospective

Last night was the grand finale of Game of Thrones and whilst everyone else is jumping on this bandwagon I figured I'd throw my own thoughts into the ring.

About the Divide

The idea of a great divide in front-end development resonated with me. I'm worried about how the erosion of certain skills could lead to a less inclusive, accessible web, for both users and developers. On the other hand, there are some massive advantages to our new tools. It's a double-edged sword.

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