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Fixing Amazon Photo Crashes

Amazon Photos on Windows has been force quitting for unknown reasons. Well, I finally found a fix, so I thought it might be worth sharing it with other people.

Algorithmic Scapegoats

A lot of blame is heaped on the near-mythical "algorithm", but is that really just an easy scapegoat for actual societal issues?

Using IBM's Carbon Design System with NextJS

The combination of the Carbon design system and NextJS should make for rapid website development, but I ran into a few small hurdles getting them to play nicely with one another using existing documentation and community guidelines.

Animated Content Placeholders

What do you do when a website has loaded but the content is still being fetched from an API? One answer is to fill the page with animated placeholders, creating a skeleton of what the user can expect, with a dash of CSS animation to let them know that something's still going on behind the scenes.

Books vs the Web

I love books. I have a huge collection of them and I routinely add to it. But when it comes to the topic of spreading knowledge and information, I think the web wins. It may not be as nice to use, but it is more accessible, and that means it's more valuable.

Be Curious About Your Code

I've been thinking a lot about an article I read recently that called out technical writing online for being overly trusted. But shouldn't that same argument apply more universally to third-party code coming from any source?

Grid-ish Flexbox or Flexible Grid?

The new dominant layout methods in CSS – grid and flexbox – have solved a lot of issues. Still, sometimes the ideal layout is somewhere in the middle: a flexible grid-like mashup. With a bit of outside-the-box thinking, you can there from either angle.

JSNation Live 2020 Notes

Another month, another big and fully remote JavaScript conference. JSNation fit into my schedule a little less (and didn't quite overlap with my interests as neatly) but it was a fun event with some interesting talks on topics that are often only on my periphery. Much to think about!

Trunks and Masters

There are several strong arguments for moving away from using "master branch" as default terminology, but what should it be replace with? Personally, I like the idea of extending the tree abstraction that we use when talking about branches, so have started using "trunk".

The Pop-Up Paradox

Marketing needs versus user experience is a topic that I have some deep misgivings over, but a recent post made me want to try and boil some of those thoughts down into their underlying rationale. I'm not sure I totally succeeded, but there we go.

Jamstack Conf 2020

Notes from the 2020 Jamstack Conf. Some interesting dives in the Jamstack community and various applications of Jamstack technologies, with tweet threads as usual.

Lists with Hanging Indent and Custom Counters

Customising HTML lists often means sacrificing standard browser typesetting bonuses, like hanging indents. But with a little bit of modern CSS, you can get them back again, whilst still getting to use custom counters – like emoji 🚀

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