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Music Wall

Thanks to the constant barrage of live music over the last week, I've been frequently pondering my Last.FM API hack. Coco and the Butterfields seriously highlight the Last.FM problem: since Monday […]

The new New Web

Zurb have released a great breakdown of their redesign for The Next Web. The article jumps between people's perspectives; it's a neat way to present main goals whilst highlighting the variety of folk […]

Still no doors...

So our Microsoft Overlords have ignored their own naming conventions and released Windows 10, irritating lovers of linear trends everywhere. Name aside, I'm strangely excited and apparently I'm not […]


I've been using Last.FM for nearly six years, but it isn't the community or music discovery that keeps me around: it's the […]

Enjoyable blur

Blurryface, Twenty One Pilots' latest, is genuinely enjoyable, but it's no […]

Elephant in the room

Memory augmentation has always interested me. I'm envious of those that never forget a name or can quote verbatim. Like Mark Llobrera, I've started using technology to never […]

Scoping the wrong query?

The RICG has a new fight: CSS container queries. The article's ignited discussion, beneficially. The problem is legitimate, the reasoning well argued and the solution intriguing. But something's […]

Psychic algorithms are here

Today contained dull, "adult" stuff regarding accounts and filing. Not very inspiring, but a good excuse to test Spotify's latest feature: Discover […]

Do you want me to pirate?

I've just purchased the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and writing that sentence makes me angry. To be clear, I love the show but I hate that I bought it through […]

To subscribe or not to subscribe?

Surely I'm not alone in wanting YouTube playlist […]

Failing the crowd

Earlier this year I hit the crowd-funding sweet spot: interesting campaigns coincided with disposable income. This had never happened before. I backed two projects, one Kickstarter and one IndieGoGo. […]

Tech Tip #1

I've had three Xperia Z3's this year (which I've loved). The first blew out the headphone socket, so minor movements paused music (grr). The second was skewered on a surprisingly angular bollard in […]

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