Bar Billiards (Or Not)

Apparently, the 1930's saw a craze flooding Britain's pubs: bar billiards. It's a particularly mad (but intriguing) looking game that's 50% pool, 30% shuffleboard, 15% bowling, and 5% quidditch. In other words, it's weird, which is probably why it never returned after WW2. Boocks recently found out about it and got a small group together to meet at one of the few remaining pubs in London that has a table; I was amped and a little worried. Unfortunately, when we arrived we found the table out of commission. Oh well, we'll have to try again another day. What I did learn was that:

  1. Five Points' Railway Porter is much more enjoyable from cask than tap or bottle;
  2. The "honey pie" pizza at Pembury Tavern, Hackney is exceptional[1].

Hopefully we manage a more successful outing in the future.

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