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Final Space

A delightfully fast-paced sci-fi adventure that continually manages to pull off interesting endings and enjoyable characters, but can't quite get the hang of beginnings.


A paint-by-numbers action film with a ridiculous premise that is saved from utterly drowning in mediocrity by two great leading actors and the occasional moment of self-awareness.


An average start leads into a genuinely great middle season, even if some of the jokes/storylines now feel a little dated and/or problematic, with some stunning performances, fun homages, and surprisingly intelligent trope-busting narratives. Then it all goes wrong. Seasons 1-3 are worthwhile, but call it a trilogy and end it there.


A huge amount of potential to be the Futurama of fantasy but it has yet to pay off. Some fun characters and decent plots, but it can't decide on what type of show it wants to be.


Funnier and more suspenseful than it had any right to be, though ultimately it's still a silly film about people playing tag.

Arrested Development

A great cast and some genuinely entertaining (albeit farcical) plot lines, but never really captured my imagination or triggered my funny bone. Perfectly watchable.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

An interesting thought experiment played through fairly well, but beyond the fan interest there isn't much novel here.

The Lion King (2019)

Technically brilliant with some nice additions, but did we really need a shot-for-shot remake with some surprisingly disappointing voice acting moments? No, not really.

Ocean's 8

A formulaic film in a formulaic franchise. Still, probably the best attempt since the first outing and the cast are great.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Brilliant, campy, hyper-violent goodness that expands on the original world with some interesting new angles; a perfectly sarcastic sequel.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

A brilliantly paced, excellently acted, and seriously funny film. In other words: excellent.

PokΓ©mon: Detective Pikachu

An attempt was made. It's beautiful and the actors are great, but it feels a little aimless in its wanderings.

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