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A fantastic space-fantasy with a fascinating universe and lots of clever ideas, all surrounding an engaging and believable central cast – despite all of the horns and wings!


A fantastic spy adventure filled with heart, clever storytelling, and brilliant acting.

The Way of Water

A new high watermark for VFX and creature design, with just enough story to carry your attention.

No Time To Die

Great action, solid acting, and entertaining enough, but the plot is muddled and overly filled with pointless distractions. A decent send off with little new to add.

Death in Paradise

The surprisingly compelling Caribbean murder mystery series which seems to have survived as many main character deaths as Doctor Who!

Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Whilst it's best days may be behind it, it's still one of the best annual Christmas specials on British TV.

The Amazing Maurice

An excellent cast and solid animation make a decent attempt at a fairly difficult adaptation.

Glass Onion

A stronger Benoit and phenomenal cast help sell a murder mystery with a little too much twist and too little murder.

Inside Job

Quirky, creative, a whole lot of fun, and beginning to craft that touch of depth that could elevate it to the next level.

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