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Strange World

A little on the nose, but beautifully designed and an excellent message.

Bullet Train

Never quite his Guy Ritchie heights, but a seriously fun romp with a stellar cast.

Over the Hedge

Surprisingly coherent and fun. It doesn't do anything that original, but as a rehash of Toy Story meets Oceans Eleven it kinda works.

The Croods

Fun creatures and a simple, yet consistent story make for an enjoyable ride 

The Lego Batman Movie

A clever look at both Batman and superhero motifs in general tied together in a funny, clever kids movie with a surprising amount of heart.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Not a huge amount of depth, but plenty of interesting ideas and a hell of a final act. An emotional gut-punch.


Takes time to find its feet, and I can't help but feel that under all the humour is a grittier law show that would actually be kinda great, but by the end, I was really quite enjoying the dynamics. Plus, Tatiana Maslany is fantastic.

The Reith Lectures

An interesting series exploring topics in greater depth, that unfortunately seems to occasionally do so by platforming people on subjects where they have no relevant expertise.

Big Mouth

A surprisingly intelligent dissection of adolescence, puberty, and high school with a dark and lewd sense of humour that has utterly won me over.

Birds, Beasts, & Bedlam

A fantastic overview of both the history and state of British conservation – specifically rewilding – directly from one of the people at the core of that community.

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