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Mary Poppins

A wonderfully witty and whimsical ride that continues to be a huge amount of fun and highly imaginative despite its age.


An utterly bizarre mashup of media, storytelling, ideas, narratives, and everything in between. And yet it works. It weaves a beautiful story about death, about struggle, about existence, about being human, and it does it all with a wry smile and just enough mystery to keep you yearning for more.

Enola Holmes

An enjoyable but fairly weak attempt at expanding the mythology of the Holmes family, with a solid cast and some clear potential let done by a lacklustre plot and faltering attempts at a moral core.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

A gold standard in dramatised comedy and a wonderfully funny, enthralling show elevated by excellent design, a brilliant cast, and superb writing.

The Shape of Water

A beautiful, atmospheric film with an exceptional cast. The epitome of del Toro's work and an extremely fun modern take on a beloved classic.

Wine Country

An utterly banal experience. The jokes aren't memorable, the story is by-the-numbers, and the conclusion is just a touch dull. Not awful, but not good; a vanilla experience.


Sherlock Holmes meets Scrubs. It could have been awful – in some ways, it should have been – but some genuinely interesting writing and the ever exceptional comedic timing/acting of Hugh Laurie make it a modern classic instead (even with the season four blip).


Utterly brilliant. An exceptional cast, brilliant staging, riveting story, and phenomenal music combine to make an incredible experience that will have a lengthy impact on both the theatre scene and culture in general.

Crazy Rich Asians

A solid and refreshing rom-com that eschews some of the more formulaic tropes for deeper characters and a more interesting plot, pulled off by some brilliant direction and superb performances.

Jumanji: The Next Level

A solid sequel, building on the premise nicely whilst keeping the ideas fresh enough to stand on its own. Funny, entertaining, and with some great imagination.

Game Night

Hilarious, off-the-wall comedy with brilliant acting, great dialogue, and some excellent self-deprecating humour. Let the games begin!

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

A perfectly solid ending to the trilogy with moments of brilliance and a completely fine plot. Likely the weakest of the outings, but a decent send off and still worth a watch.

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