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Fresh Meat

A competent examination of British uni life in the 2010s that gets too caught up in its own drama and ultimately fails the characters it creates. JP and Howard are great though.

Green Book

A beautifully acted, powerful insight into an incredible friendship, placed within a practically perfect film. Top marks.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Lives up to the original to deliver a brilliant yet more mature look into the relationships between dragons and Vikings. An exceptional kids film and a lot of fun for adults as well.

How to Train Your Dragon

An excellent kids movie that I defy anyone to watch and not come away with a great big smile on their face. Toothless is an iconic character and the plot, animation, voice acting, music, design, action, and humour are all top notch.

The Good Place

The heavenly, hellish, and utterly neutrally amazing comedy.

The Lady in the Van

A quirky, British tale that is all the dafter for the fact that (most of it) is true. Maggie Smith is phenomenal and the multiple Alan Bennets is a clever gimmick that works.


Is it 100% perfect? No, but it is 99% perfect and an incredibly important cultural moment to boot. Everyone should watch this film at least once, preferably in the cinema.

Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

The end of an era; not with a whimper, but also not with a bang. Instead, we got a "good enough" and a feeling that things could have been a lot better if Disney had actually put a plan in place from day one.

Knives Out

A triumphant attempt at a classic murder mystery. Intrigue, suspense, excellent cast, and just enough twists on the ol'formula to keep you interested.

Batman: Assault on Arkham

A more competent version of the live action Suicide Squad movie, though ultimately the plot falls apart entirely if you stop and think about how government departments work at all. Still, where's the fun in that?

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