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The Legend of Korra

A more-than-worthy successor to the brilliant The Last Airbender and a hugely imaginative show with a strong central core all of its own. With excellent world-building, brilliant characters, more mature themes, and some genuinely interesting, unique stories to tell, my only real issue is that it isn't twice (or four times!) as long.

Turning Red

An excellent coming-of-age story with great humour and solid characters, giving a modern spin on the classic tween comedy.


A wonderful, revolving cast of great British comedians and personalities, set against a genuinely novel and interesting quiz format, make this a classic of modern television, regardless of whether Fry or Toksvig is sat in the big seat.

This House

A humorous skewering of modern politics, through the lens of a ridiculous period of British democracy that has some uncanny parallels to modern days.


Terrible people do terrible things both in and to ancient Rome. Sounds awful, turns out to be incredibly riveting and surprisingly modern in terms of plot and pacing.

Set It Up

A totally typical rom-com with some genuinely funny, quirky moments and a decent cast, but it won't light your world on fire.

Artemis Fowl

An empty mess with the occasional moment where the genius of the books briefly shines through. Lacklustre.

The Raid

A brilliantly tense and incredibly choreographed two-hour fight sequence, supported by just enough plot to keep you engaged and interested.

Antony and Cleopatra

Brilliantly acted historical epic marred by being a little too long and a little unsure on when it wants to be set.


Disney taking the Mickey out of Disney with some stellar performances and brilliantly executed set-pieces.  An absolutely enchanting (heh) ride.

McCarthy's Bar

A witty and often weird snapshot of early 90's Ireland. McCarthy is an excellent observer and clever writer, creating a book filled with folklore and interesting ancedotes, even if it does occasionally take a wander off its own path.

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