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Justice League: The New Frontier

A beautiful, clever and refreshing introduction to some of DC's biggest names with thought-through and interesting character development. It's just a shame about the surprise Aquaman!

Monuments Men

An enjoyably different war film with a solid and much-needed message, though let down a little by straying from reality in ways that never really add up.

Superman: Doomsday

A decent retread of Superman with just enough heart and thought to be entertaining, though at times inconsistent and never novel.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, stupid, fun. A feel-good film that stands slightly taller than it perhaps should, thanks in large part to a fantastic cast.

The Mentalist

Quite possible the best reworking of Holmes put to the small screen and an extremely enjoyable, consistent, and intriguing procedural. Better yet, the seasons of mystery actually get a competent and enthralling conclusion.

Moomins on the Riviera

An amusing and acceptably surreal entry into the much-loved series. If you (or your kids) are a fan then definitely worth a watch, but this isn't quite an instant classic.

Green Lantern: First Flight

Give it a miss unless you're a total Green Lantern fanboy, and even then don't expect anything great.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Absurdist fun that somehow actually happened, resulting in a nuanced, heart warming tale with exemplary performances throughout.

The Good Dinosaur

A stunningly beautiful but fragmented film with surprisingly conservative leanings. No boundaries pushed here apart from the technological ones.

We're The Millers

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it and how three-dimensional the main characters were. Throw in some excellent comedy and great actors and you're left with a genuinely fun ride.

The Killing Joke

The Joker's take on himself, a brilliantly written and poignant look at one of the best villains created and a justifiably revered arc. Truly excellent.

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