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JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

Fun enough but not really anything new or particularly interesting.

Justice League: Doom

A solid film with a couple of plot holes. If you're willing to wave these as standard comic book thinking then the remainder is highly enjoyable.


Not as bad as anticipated but still not overly worthwhile. Some interesting visual effects and a great actress don't make up for a silly plot and pointless action sequences.


Not quite so-bad-it's-good, but close; a crazy attempt to turn a pretty linear board game into a movie which largely misses but occasionally lands a hit (yeah, Battleships reference).


A continuing masterpiece that hits the ground running, slips a bit and then rises to the challenge magnificently. There have been few shows to rival Sherlock in the history of television and no matter definitive take on the characters themselves.


It’s a Dirk Pitt novel. That should tell you everything you need to know, except this one has a more interesting villain than normal.


A fantastic Hamlet, with some interestingly modern tweaks that largely hits the mark.


A fun enough romp that lacks Nolan's signature intelligence whilst skirting around the much more interesting story occurring in the background.

Ender's Game

Read the book; it's a story that deserves to be experienced unadulterated. If you have already done so, there isn't much more for you here.

The Entire Universe

A disjointed meshing of concepts that may have worked on paper but suffered in production. Definitely give it a miss.

La La Land

A wonderful mashup of homages, genres and styles held tightly together by a clever story, brilliant performances and one of the best original musical soundtracks in years.

Hardcore Henry

Gamers will get a few laughs and find the mix of gaming pastiches in a movie interesting enough but there isn't much more to recommend this one-trick pony.

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