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Green Lantern: In Brightest Day (Tales from the Green Lantern Corps)

A brilliant introduction to the Green Lantern franchise; a near-perfect anthology of critical moments in the development of the series and lore.

Jupiter's Circle

A surprisingly complex take on the Silver Age of superheroes with a new cast of characters, very much in their heyday yet dealing with some pretty major issues. Think Watchmen meets Justice League, only set in the 50s.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A nearly perfect adaptation. Where, in this instance, the word nearly means almost entirely, barring only the slightest possible chance of an overlooked error or two.

The Defenders

So much action-packed goodness with a great plot and yet further fantastic performances from the central cast. Frankly, Netflix are beginning to rival their silver screen relatives in terms of deserved hype.

Doctor Who

An incredible, frustrating, brilliant, terrible, masterpiece of bad acting, awful props, astonishing world-building, and iconic characters. Yes, much like its central time travel mechanic, Doctor Who is best considered a paradox: at once perfect and yet banal, riveting and yet baffling. Just sit back and enjoy one of the greats of classic-modern sci-fi.

Les MisΓ©rables

Superb. A truly brilliant adaptation and well-deserving of the praise, as well as just being a brilliant and emotional story in the first place.

John Wick

A gritty, sublimely choreographed action sequence with some largely forgettable characters and plot. A perfect action film not trying to be anything other than a perfect action film.

Jupiter Ascending

Definitely mediocre but fun enough with some decent acting, interesting world-building and beautiful effects/sets.


Funny spy based entertainment. Perfectly enjoyable; not a must-see but better than mediocre.


Not great, not completely awful. Yet another flop that I wouldn't mind giving the chance of a sequel, just to see what would happen.

The Princess and the Frog

The shadows are awesome, the jazz is slick but ultimately the story a little flat. Worth a watch but no modern classic.

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