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Jumanji: Born to be Wild

In no world should this film have been good, yet somehow it was great. A genuinely funny and highly entertaining comedy with a great cast and a perfectly enjoyable plot.

Avengers: Infinity War

Sublimely well balanced, a perfect culmination of all the varying plot threads across the MCU and a cross-over event that rivals the source material itself. Practically perfect!


The sitcom of a decade. Has it aged? Yes. Are some parts a little problematic? Sure. But could it be any funnier? I mean probably, but it's still brilliant, funny as anything, and a great nostalgia trip that just about manages to hold up throughout the ridiculously long run.


Good news, everyone! It can be a bit hit and miss, but when it's good it's sheer brilliance, and even when it isn't the show still manages to be consistently inventive and entertaining.

The Expendables III

A passable action film, possibly the most coherent of the franchise, but still ultimately disappointing.

The Gods of Egypt

Surprisingly boring. Not bad, just not really anything at all; perhaps the definition of soulless?

Early Man

There's nothing inherently bad about Early Man but it also failed to excite or enthral. If you're a huge Aardman fan or football nut, maybe you'll have a different experience.

Rocket League

A surprisingly complex and fun, fast-paced multiplayer game with great physics and deep mechanics, let down by a terrible matchmaking system

Robin Hood: Men In Tights

A surprisingly modern parody that feels in more in line with British fare like Monty Python than contemporary American humour, and that's definitely a positive thing.

Now You See Me

A completely mindless yet enjoyable romp; if only the tricks were real.

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