The Hustle

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tl;dr: Dull, bland, boring, and somehow actively worse than the trailer. Just skip it.


Spoilers Ahead: My reviews are not spoiler-free. You have been warned.

Y'know how bad films tend to load all of the best bits into the trailer? Hustle takes that a step further, and actually has a couple of jokes which work better in the trailer than they do in the film. I think it's largely due to how completely bland both main characters are, how almost utterly without point the plot is, or how just dull the overall experience is. It somehow sucks the life out of even the best delivery.

Because, let's be clear here: Rebel Wilson may not be my favourite comedian on the planet, but I generally enjoy her in films, and Anne Hathaway is just awesome. Neither of them give poor performances and they both seem to be enjoying the process well enough, but somehow very little lands. The humour is predictable and the plot could have been pieced together by manatees (South Park reference).

And somehow it all builds to an ending which actually manages to make everything up until that point even more redundant and removes the only decent thing about the film: that it's about some kickass women. They can't be that great when the smirky dude suddenly comes out on top... So yeah, hard pass across the board.

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