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tl;dr: Chaotic neutral in film form, which makes it very hard to pin down.


Spoilers Ahead: My reviews are not spoiler-free. You have been warned.

I'm not sure if I just watched something great that needed a little more polish or completely awful that was somehow elevated by the world's weirdest casting. I mean, Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick? How am I not going to love that. Throw on top an off-kilter storyline, some solid action, and a weird metaphysical philosophy version of bullet time, and hell, you have a solid formula. Unfortunately, the dialogue was half-baked (and possibly entirely ad-libbed in a single take per scene... I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse, honestly) and the plot is very weird. The whole thing has this vague "final project at film school", rushed and rough around the edges, feel from it, yet has an A-list core cast (and I say core, because outside of the three main characters, everyone else are people you vaguely recognise from some show, some time, possibly; though serious props to RZA for the best supporting character in ages with Steve).

Neither main character make any sense, either. Rockwell is a hitman that now kills the people taking out the hits (fine, kinda cool idea actually) and wears a clown nose whilst doing so (sure, I guess) but then also has probable brain damage and can see motion like pseudo-echolocation (what...); Kendrick is just a messed up 20-something trying to LMAO her way through life, but is also definitely a psychopath who is shocked to her core by seeing a man killed but less than twelve hours later is happily killing people left, right, and centre. And I think her rapid descent into mass murder is supposed to be somehow revelatory or poignant, not sure. Thankfully, both of them can really do psychopath well, and play off each other nicely, so you're fully rooting for their weird love story by the end.

Ultimately, though, the worst thing about this movie is that the final outro sequence is easily the most compelling part. I want a sequel. Nay, I need a sequel. Rockwell and Kendrick, no rules, no barriers, just kicking ass, killing people, doing their weird bullet time thing, and quipping all over their corpses, that is a movie I would pay full price to see in the cinema on opening night. This is a perfectly fine prequel to that film, but it's not the film I want. One can only hope.

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