How to Train Your Dragon

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tl;dr: An excellent kids movie that I defy anyone to watch and not come away with a great big smile on their face. Toothless is an iconic character and the plot, animation, voice acting, music, design, action, and humour are all top notch.


How to Train Your Dragon


Spoilers Ahead: My reviews are not spoiler-free. You have been warned.

Damn, this film continues to stand up extremely well. Animation is looking a little, well, flat-faced with the human characters lacking some emotion, but Toothless, the rest of the dragons, and the general environment remain stunning and pretty unique, visually. Plus, jokes still land, the plot still packs plenty of punch, and the pacing is spot on. Nothing ever feels forced and information is revealed at a pace that feels natural, rather than plot-necessitated, creating a world that still has a lot to explore but which feels familiar enough to keep you entranced.

Basically, an excellent kids film with a great message wrapped up in more than enough extras to keep adults just as entertained. Still one of the best family films of the last few decades.

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