Blithe Spirit

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tl;dr: A surprisingly charming and bizarre movie, with a brilliant cast and some excellent comedy, even if the ending feels a bit abrupt.


Spoilers Ahead: My reviews are not spoiler-free. You have been warned.

Dan Stevens just keeps cropping up at the moment, and here he is again as a perfectly ridiculous blathering idiot who can't quite manage to get anything right. It's a fun role, he does it well, but it pales in comparison to the women in this cast. Leslie Mann, Isla Fisher, and Judi Dench (of course) knock it out of the park, and turn what could have been a stilted, awkwardly bizarre film into a genuinely funny and highly entertaining time.

Because bizarre is definitely the dominant feeling. Its a dark comedy, filled with occult happenings, and nothing is quite what it seems. But then when your plot revolves around the ex-wife inadvertently coming back from beyond the grave during a seance gone real, and the fallout with the new wife, it's fun. The story keeps you on your toes, too. A less adept writer would likely have filled the runtime just with the dead-wife alive-wife love triangle, filled with comedy miscommunications and potential for the ridiculous, but here we get an actual affair with dead-wife, a sudden murderous twist, the accidental killing of alive-wife, the return of alive-wife as a second ghost, and the ultimate demise of the husband. I think I was with it up until that last moment; he wasn't the nicest of characters, what with the plagiarism and all, but he never seemed like a willfully malicious person, so his death and utter ruin does feel a tad harsh. Still, by that point, I'm not sure how else you could end the story, so fair enough.

Oh, and a strangely sweet side story about the medium herself, who has spent years attempting to commune with her long-lost love. Everything about her eccentric existence is a huge amount of fun, from the stuffy Guild she belongs to, the ridiculous nature of her act, and the wonderful little cottage she lives in (the same from Mr Holmes perhaps?).

The result is a lot of fun, with a great cast, some fantastic locations and sets, and more than its fair share in humour. I enjoyed it immensely, which I'll admit was a bit of a surprise.

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