James Bond

All things 007, from movies to books to games.

Diamonds Are Forever

Slightly madcap shenanigans, but well paced and a whole lot of fun.

Dr No

A surprisingly solid and interesting (and grounded) introduction to the classic franchise.

From Russia With Love

A solid plot, interesting characters, and entertaining action. A practically perfect Bond film!


A genuinely good plot in a Bond movie? Shame about what they've done to Bond, but otherwise fantastic.

Live and Let Die

Pacing is a little wonky, and some dubious stereotyping, but Moore's Bond is far less douchey and the overall plot feels much more together.

No Time To Die

Great action, solid acting, and entertaining enough, but the plot is muddled and overly filled with pointless distractions. A decent send off with little new to add.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Interesting plot, excellent action, and actual character development. A perfect Bond film.


A decent enough plot, but Bond plays second-fiddle to the underwater filming, the ending is a little confused, and pacing is horrible.

You Only Live Twice

Some dubious moments and an OTT plot, but otherwise holds up superbly.

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