Disney Animation

Classic and modern animated stories from the House of Mouse.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

A beautiful steampunk vision of a non-existent Jules Verne book that can be a little shallow on plot, but largely makes up for it in world building, action, and heart.

Big Hero Six

A brilliantly fun story that hits all the right beats that just happens to also be one of the best superhero origin movies out there.

Brother Bear

An enjoyable animal adventure with a solid heart.


Overly saccharine at times (even for Disney), but beautifully animated, excellently paced, packs one hell of an emotional gut punch, and contains some brilliant songs.


A fun American twist on a great tale that spends a little too much effort trying to make it a standard kids film and skips the source material as a result. Gotta love the soul Muses though.

Lilo & Stitch

A weird yet heartwarming tale that simultaneously feels like a very by-the-numbers Disney film and a whacky oddball that has no right to exist, yet I'm glad it does.


A brilliantly emotional journey through the fascinating mythologies of the Pacific islands, with an exceptional soundtrack to boot. An instant classic and one of Disney's best for many years.


Still a brilliant story with a moral underpinning that remains incredibly relevant. A children's classic that is well enough made to be enjoyable for anyone.

Mulan 2

Terrible, character blind and very poorly conceived. Actively undoes the message (and characters) of the first film.

Raya and the Last Dragon

A beautiful fantasy world, but lacking in the depth needed to really invest in the story. Just watch Avatar: TLA instead, it does the whole thing better.

Robin Hood

Simplistic, yet full of heart, and a personal favourite. Oo-da-lally Ay!

Sleeping Beauty

Beautifully animated and surprisingly enjoyable, but the story and characters are now quite 2D in comparison with modern kids films and the morales are looking a little old hat.


Still great fun but not quite as utterly brilliant as I remembered; remains well worth a watch and a core part of Disney's evolution.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

A dark, sombre, and slightly terrifying meditation on morality and societal failings wrapped up in beautiful animation, excellent songs, and some bold story choices.

The Princess and the Frog

The shadows are awesome, the jazz is slick but ultimately the story a little flat. Worth a watch but no modern classic.

Treasure Planet

A clever sci-fi adaptation that strays surprisingly little from the original source – possibly not enough.

Wreck-It Ralph

A fun adventure with some interesting ideas and a whole load of brilliant gaming cameos, but the plot isn't exactly nuanced or complex.


A film all kids need to watch and which most adults would benefit from as well. Beautiful story crafting and brilliant characters. An instant classic.

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