Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

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Written by Marvel.

tl;dr: A clever but slightly rushed meta-analysis of the comic book world with some excellent jokes and story beats. A whole lot of fun.




Spoilers Ahead: My reviews are not spoiler-free. You have been warned.

Yup. That happened. And it was pretty damn clever about it, to boot. I just finished Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, having picked it up recently because I kept on seeing it being referenced in discussions surrounding the recent film, and I have to say that (unlike the silver screen variant) it definitely lived up to expectations. The big ending had, unfortunately, been spoiled for me by the internet about a year ago, so it lacked a little punch – but that is no-ones fault but my own (and that irksome commenter on io9). That said: spoiler warning ahead!

The story is exactly what you would expect: Deadpool kills everyone. However, rather than being just a fan romp where Deadpool goes off the deep end, the writers actually turn this event into a very clever meta-analysis of superhero comic books in general. Honestly, I feel this storyline is the quintessential reason why Deadpool exists, even if it was never really intended from the off; this is the story the character was born to tell. Because ultimately comic books are just a bit... off. We do spend a lot of time revelling in the drama and pain we put these bastions of morality through; we kill them off and resurrect them constantly, making everyone around them suffer for our own entertainment. For all the good bits about comics, there are some seriously dark undertones that we, as a society, don't really pay any attention to. So Deadpool throws them in our face, with blood and gore still attached.

If I was to complain about anything, it does feel a little rushed, although I would argue this is a symptom of the whole "release cycle" that occurs with comics and may even be just another level of the meta-analysis (although that's probably pushing it a little far). A bit more exposition would have been brilliant, the "red box" voice could have used a little more character building (if that term is even appropriate) and they could definitely have spent a little more time playing out (and with) the big reveal, but ultimately it was all well rounded and executed. I think two more issues and it would have been a must-read for any comic fan. As it is, it's definitely a must-read for any Deadpool fan and I would say a very good shout if you have the change to pick it up.

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