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CSV Albums: A Database

For the most part, using the Universal Scrobbler is as simple as searching for the artist/album you want and hitting Scrobble. There are a couple of albums I have, however, which don't seem to be […]

Recently Watched on Amazon Prime

I'm not sure why this feature is as deeply hidden as it is, but despite what most people think you can see your recent watchlist on Amazon's Prime Video service. It's a feature I use quite a bit to […]

Writing with Pollution

The idea of Air-Ink is a very clever one, taking an approach to reducing pollution that I really like. Rather than using guilt trips or absolution, instead the team at Graviky Inc. have devised a way […]

The Existential Crisis Question [#8]

Why does this website exist? That's the question I found myself wondering today. I was making my way through the usual motions: eating lunch, catching up on RSS feeds, discovering something I found […]

Interneting is (Apparently) Hard [#7]

Reddit has once again directed me towards a very interesting online resource: Interneting is […]

Martian Mirrors [#6]

I absolutely love the execution and concept behind this "smart" mirror by Alex Repty (from MartianCraft). Sure, it's clearly a labour of love rather than a commercial concept, but it's also the kind […]

CMYK and the Magical Illusion of Colour

There's isn't much to add to the above GIF, other than that I think it's a really cleverly designed and demonstrated concept. The idea of CMYK printing is nothing new to me; I've been interested in […]

Month in Media: January 2017 [#5]

Month in media is an archived project, now with a permanent home in the Reviews section. Films, TV shows, books, video games, and other media watched, read, or played in January 2017.

A New Mozilla [#4]

Mozilla's new logo, for me, is a rebrand done extremely well. The moment I saw the design the concept struck me as clever, appropriate and intelligent. Styling the "ill" part of their name to mimic […]

Rating my Opinion [#3]

How do you determine quantitative worth for a de facto subjective experience? Is there even any point? Can you make related "values" actually relatable if those "values" are arguably […]

Trakting My Media

I am an […]

Scrobbling Movies [#2]

I find it slightly bizarre how popular Last.fm has become over time. I understand that the service now offers a plethora of features, including some powerful music discovery tools, yet at the core […]

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