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The Man in the High Castle

A brutally tense and depressing show with a great cast of characters, some exceptional plot lines, and beautiful cinematography. The sci-fi is still a little odd, but the alt-history is intriguing and the world-building brilliant.

Star Trek: Discovery

A bold new direction for a beloved franchise. It falters a little, but the characters it creates are interesting and the stories are solidly entertaining. For fans, a worthy watch; for everyone else, enjoyable enough.

Big Mouth

A surprisingly intelligent dissection of adolescence, puberty, and high school with a dark and lewd sense of humour that has utterly won me over.


The first season is astounding, riveting, memorable, funny and utterly fantastic. The third almost lives up to that praise. The second has its moments. Overall, its an extremely solid take on the Man Without Fear and must-watch television for superhero fans.

Tim Minchin: So F**king Rock

An enjoyable but not particularly memorable live show from a brilliant performer.


There's nothing specifically wrong here, it's just that nothing ever works and the whole concept is tremendously dull. Also, apparently, completely forgettable.

The Favourite

An incredibly well-balanced film with a phenomenal cast. Worth delving into to really understand the nuance.

Jessica Jones

A dark and depressing look at addiction, abuse and guilt wrapped up in a surprisingly entertaining superhero show. The first season is astounding; the second struggles finding the light outside of its immense shadow.

BoJack Horseman

A dark, depressing and morbid classic with an unexpected amount of heart, nuance, and finesse. Wonderfully crafted and utterly riveting, even whilst it kicks your hopes and dreams to shreds.


A brilliant parody of spy movies with an excellent oddball cast that has, in later seasons, successfully reinvented itself on multiple occasions. A genuine cult classic.

Mr & Mrs Smith

Action-packed fun that can just be enjoyed for what it is and the great cast it has, plot holes aside.

Tomb Raider (2018)

The best we've had so far on the silver screen, but the plot, action, and characters still feel more like an extended cutscene in a video game than anything worth the time investment. Enjoyable enough.

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