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She's The Man

A totally okay remake of Shakespeare's 12th Night somehow centred around high school football that just about works, so long as you don't look too hard at it.

The Gentlemen

Yet another solid entry in Ritchie's gangster filmography, with some great character work, a standout performance by Hugh Grant, plenty of twists, and more than a few pieces of dry humour. Top notch.

The Personal History of David Copperfield

A whimsical Victorian adventure filled with twists, turns, and larger-than-life characters, all grounded by an exceptional cast. Well worth the ride.

Mary Poppins

A wonderfully witty and whimsical ride that continues to be a huge amount of fun and highly imaginative despite its age.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

A gold standard in dramatised comedy and a wonderfully funny, enthralling show elevated by excellent design, a brilliant cast, and superb writing.

Wine Country

An utterly banal experience. The jokes aren't memorable, the story is by-the-numbers, and the conclusion is just a touch dull. Not awful, but not good; a vanilla experience.


An utterly bizarre mashup of media, storytelling, ideas, narratives, and everything in between. And yet it works. It weaves a beautiful story about death, about struggle, about existence, about being human, and it does it all with a wry smile and just enough mystery to keep you yearning for more.

Enola Holmes

An enjoyable but fairly weak attempt at expanding the mythology of the Holmes family, with a solid cast and some clear potential let done by a lacklustre plot and faltering attempts at a moral core.

The Shape of Water

A beautiful, atmospheric film with an exceptional cast. The epitome of del Toro's work and an extremely fun modern take on a beloved classic.

The Umbrella Academy

A surprisingly original take on a superhero team, paired with a weirdly wonderful time-travel-apocalypse plot that keeps you guessing, and some utterly brilliant performances creates the best superhero show since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Sherlock Holmes meets Scrubs. It could have been awful – in some ways, it should have been – but some genuinely interesting writing and the ever exceptional comedic timing/acting of Hugh Laurie make it a modern classic instead (even with the season four blip).

Crazy Rich Asians

A solid and refreshing rom-com that eschews some of the more formulaic tropes for deeper characters and a more interesting plot, pulled off by some brilliant direction and superb performances.

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