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We're The Millers

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it and how three-dimensional the main characters were. Throw in some excellent comedy and great actors and you're left with a genuinely fun ride.

The Killing Joke

The Joker's take on himself, a brilliantly written and poignant look at one of the best villains created and a justifiably revered arc. Truly excellent.

The Man Who Laughs

Perhaps not the definitive Joker story, but still a damned fine one with excellent tension and artistry.

Man Up

A quirky and loveable rom-com that rallies from a weird opening to a genuinely fun finale.


An extremely faithful adaptation of the character with some excellent action sequences, but fails to really capture the spark of creativity that can make Deadpool truly great.

Dracula: The Graphic Novel

A decent adaptation, well-drawn and entertaining enough to keep the pages turning.

Gretel and the Dark

A weird hybrid attempting to create a Pan's Labyrinth style child-psychology twist that never quite lands, but does contain some interesting historical musings on Freud and early psychology.


Marvel's heist movie has some tonal flip-flops but lands on all six feet to make a very unlikely hero a comedic and heartfelt success, proving that size really doesn't matter.

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