Month in Media: November 2016

Yes, yes, yes: I'm behind. I know! Still, look here and see a month completed! At least I think it is. Honestly, I'm surprised myself at how little media I've seemingly consumed, but then there are a couple of factors muddying the water. The first is that I am actually playing video games and reading at the moment, but one instance from each genre has dug in. I picked up Pokémon White midway through November and have been playing pretty solidly; I'll leave a full review to next month (at the earliest) but I will say I'm pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is playing a Pokémon game where I have no idea what each of the creatures are. Every new encounter is a genuine surprise, even when the designs aren't all that great.

Meanwhile, in the realm of the written word, I've just become the immensely proud owner of the entire first 'season' of Ctrl+Alt+Del, one of my all time favourite webcomics. Again, a full review will await another month but it has been utterly brilliant re-reading these strips which have impacted my life and social development so heavily. As good as gold!

On top of both of the above, TV is worming its way into daily life once more with ongoing seasons. Lucifer has just dropped Season 2, The Grand Tour has begun and, lacking a TV license, we're getting our fill of Attenborough by rewatching the first series of Planet Earth. With all that future content out of the way, then, there has been little to actually comment on this month!

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The Magnificent 7

tl;dr: Diversity done, if not right, then certainly better than required in an entertaining, action-packed retelling elevated by an excellent cast.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

tl;dr: Fantastic, brilliant beasts and an epic return to a wonderfully detailed, intriguing world.

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