March Films - From Deadpool to Walter Mitty. ✔

So we've ended up going on a bit of a catchup bender over the weekend (and past week) due to the atrocious weather and intermittent plans. As a result, I've caught up a weird mixture of films that had passed on by:

Update 13/06/2020: With the launch of the Reviews section all original media review text has been moved to new pages (see links below). Relevant articles have been kept to preserve URLs and non-review content.

Deadpool: Deadpool

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Man Up: Man Up

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Monthly Media: Coming Soon

Last month I wrote up a post detailing the films I'd seen in March. When I initially started blogging again last year I had hoped that mini-reviews and similar content would become a mainstay, […]

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