Easter Inspite of It All

We were supposed to spend Easter weekend in Devon with Alison's parents, but clearly that wasn't going to happen this year 😁 Instead, I largely spent the run-up mildly panicking that I was never going to find an egg for Alison, only to discover that (like a lot of things right now) Deliveroo was the answer. A fancy chocolatier in Chelsea has managed to get set up on the platform, so I ended up having some beautifully realistic chocolate quail eggs dropped off on the doorstep – who could ask for more! The Italian restaurant we live above has also converted itself into a temporary corner store[1] and had some giant (albeit expensive) Kinder eggs, so we bought one of those too.

In fact, overall we ended up with slightly more chocolate than some years I'd guess, with Alison throwing me an outdoor egg hunt on our little roof garden, followed later by my indoor hunt (my eggs weren't individually wrapped) for her. It worked really well, and we each ended up with a small haul plus one larger egg and the Kinder to share. As a side note, that Kinder egg was:

  1. Delicious, and;
  2. Actually contained an equally giant toy, which happened to be of a Russian children's TV show called Masha and the Bear which turns out to be insanely popular, with one episode actually being the fourth most viewed video on YouTube! We watched it; it holds up surprisingly well 😄

In some ways, the quarantine made it easier to juggle family commitments. We spent the morning with Alison's parents on Skype, trading stories of chocolate and tiny windup toys (don't ask 😉), had lunch and then spent an hour or so with my parents in the afternoon. In fact, the day before we'd even managed to have a group Zoom call with most of my British family, most of whom I wouldn't normally see until Christmas; it was a little chaotic but I think it worked well.

Speaking of my family, we'd been challenged to create Easter bonnets for a family and friends competition. This was a new tradition for me – I've never heard of an Easter bonnet before – and I'm not sure I stuck with the most obvious of themes. Whilst most people stuck flowers, eggs, and other spring-related things on straw hats, and Alison crafted a great bearskin-style creation out of the Kinder egg wrapping, I stuck the Bear from our Kinder toy onto one half of its capsule and covered the rest in small fluff chickens... I was happy with the result, but I didn't get many votes 😂

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  • We were supposed to spend Easter weekend in Devon with Alison's parents, but clearly that wasn't going to happen this year 😁 Instead, I […]
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