CSV Albums: A Database

For the most part, using the Universal Scrobbler is as simple as searching for the artist/album you want and hitting Scrobble. There are a couple of albums I have, however, which don't seem to be searchable on the relevant databases. Luckily there is a CSV entry option which makes scrobbling whole albums super easy. I figured I might as well leave the converted CSV files online, just in case they come in handy for anyone else (plus, it acts as a backup/easy access for me as well). I'll add to/update this post whenever I find some new ones.

UPDATE: (06/04/17) I've converted all of the CSV lists to use quote-mark column delimiters. By doing so, I can have track titles that contain commas without worrying about odd results - hooray!

The Atrocity Exhibition - Lazy Habits

"Lazy Habits","Kicking The Clouds","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","Feed the Brass","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","Left 2 (Ruins)","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","Crossing","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","The Breach","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","Answer With Quiestions","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","Hindsight Bias","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","Cold Shoulder Freestyle","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","The Terminal Beach","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","Give It Up","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","Sanity For Sanctuary","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","Never Did","The Atrocity Exhibition"

"Lazy Habits","Waiting Around - Bonus Track","The Atrocity Exhibition"

Lazy Habits - Lazy Habits

"Lazy Habits","Processional","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Ashes","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Surface Dirt","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Even Out","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits",""Perfect Sentence"","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Ghosts (Fallen)","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Memory Banks (feat. Baby Sol)","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Starting Fires","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Fades","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","The Road","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","An Interlude","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Bulletin","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","The Drowned World","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Please People","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Recessional","Lazy Habits"

"Lazy Habits","Ghosts (Screen and Fallen)","Lazy Habits"

Sun - Cat Power

"Cat Power","Cherokee","Sun"

"Cat Power","Sun","Sun"

"Cat Power","Ruin","Sun"

"Cat Power","3,6,9","Sun"

"Cat Power","Always on My Own","Sun"

"Cat Power","Real Life","Sun"

"Cat Power","Human Being","Sun"

"Cat Power","Manhattan","Sun"

"Cat Power","Silent Machine","Sun"

"Cat Power","Nothin' But Time","Sun"

"Cat Power","Peace and Love","Sun"

Cold Fact - Rodriguez

"Rodriguez","Sugar Man","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","Only Good for Conversation","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","Crucify Your Mind","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","This Is Not a Song, It's an Outburst: Or, the Establishment Blues","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","Hate Street Dialogue","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","Forget It","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","Inner City Blues","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","I Wonder","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","Like Janis","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme)","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","Rich Folks Hoax","Cold Fact"

"Rodriguez","Jane S. Piddy","Cold Fact"

Palookaville - Fatboy Slim

"Fatboy Slim","Don't Let the Man Get You Down","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","Slash Dot Dash","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","Wonderful Night","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","Long Way from Home","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","Put It Back Together","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","Mi Bebé Masoquista","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","Push & Shove","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","North West Three","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","The Journey","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","Jin Go Lo Ba","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","Song for Chesh","Palookaville"

"Fatboy Slim","The Joker","Palookaville"

Queen Under The Mountain - CoCo and the Butterfields

"CoCo and the Butterfields","Queen Under The Mountain","Queen Under The Mountain - Live","364"

Hymns - MC Xander

"MC Xander", "Om Muni", "Hymns"
"MC Xander", "Heresy", "Hymns"
"MC Xander", "We Take On", "Hymns"
"MC Xander", "Higher Nature", "Hymns"
"MC Xander", "Born from the Blackness", "Hymns"
"MC Xander", "Break The Line", "Hymns"
"MC Xander", "Zion", "Hymns"
"MC Xander", "Prayer for the Elementals", "Hymns"
"MC Xander", "Compersion", "Hymns"
"MC Xander", "Numb to the Violence", "Hymns"

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