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A wonderfully inventive concept pulled off thanks to some great humour, excellent observationally storytelling, and a fantastic cast. The sequel feels a little more self-indulgent, but the first season is an instant classic.

Upstart Crow

Surprisingly funny, intelligent and complex whilst remaining incredibly accessible. A triumph of hubris, humour and historical parody.

Jojo Rabbit

An incredibly unique analysis of the dangers of nationalism, the idiocies of Nazi ideology, and the blindness that propaganda can breed. That it's bundled up in reams of dark humour and some brilliant performances is just the cherry on top.


A brilliantly emotional journey through the fascinating mythologies of the Pacific islands, with an exceptional soundtrack to boot. An instant classic and one of Disney's best for many years.


A perfectly pointless plot that has been brilliantly acted, directed, and designed.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

An enjoyable romp with some excellent character moments, spoiled by having a central romance that felt stilted and immoral at the best of times, but then saved by a brilliantly emotional and heartfelt funeral scene.

Mulan (2020)

An attempt to appeal to the widest audience possible ultimately feels lacklustre to everyone. Not awful, but a far cry from the animated classic it's attempting to evoke.

Big Hero Six

A brilliantly fun story that hits all the right beats that just happens to also be one of the best superhero origin movies out there.

Frozen II

A solid sequel; even it does retread a little of the same ground, it achieves enough world-building to overshadow any slight irks to craft a more original but just as fun story.


An instant classic, with a banging collection of songs and a brilliantly modern reinvention of a classic fairytale. Excellent stuff.

Last Christmas

They tried really hard to come up with a novel way to make the Wham song Last Christmas into a movie and it sort of worked.

The Personal History of David Copperfield

A fantastical romp through the imagination of a man whose life seems set to conspire against him, all set in true Victoriana. Combine with an exceptional cast and some clever dialogue and the result is delightful.

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