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The Sisters Brothers

Interesting Western with good characters, a competent plot and some very off formatting choices and narrative gimmicks. Distinctly meh.

The House of Silk

A solid entry to the Baker Street archives and a very enjoyable mystery.

English Passengers

A wonderfully nuanced yet riveting story, as much for the historical events it contains as the characters it invents. A fantastic dissection of English imperialism and the well-intentioned ignorance under which it wrought so much horror.

Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

A beautifully different entry into the Star Wars franchise which will hopefully see the sequels grow into something unique and much more interesting than might otherwise have been.


A film all kids need to watch and which most adults would benefit from as well. Beautiful story crafting and brilliant characters. An instant classic.

The Punisher

The MCU's grimdark, broody antihero gets a definitive take thanks to Netflix and the excellent Joe Bernthal. Season one comes highly recommended.

Stephen Fry In America

An interesting-enough overview of all the things that being "American" can mean, though ultimately the format (and time) was clearly too restrictive and the writing lacks the level of intellectual introspection that makes Fry so much fun. Decent, but hardly essential, and very cursory in places.


Still a brilliant story with a moral underpinning that remains incredibly relevant. A children's classic that is well enough made to be enjoyable for anyone.

Joan Didion: The Centre Will Not Hold

A brilliant and deeply personal introspection of an incredible individual. A truly nuanced and exacting character analysis and a documentary style which I hope to see emulated much more in the future.

Upstart Crow

Surprisingly funny, intelligent and complex whilst remaining incredibly accessible. A triumph of hubris, humour and historical parody.


Clearly a script rejected by every other major action franchise with a completely out of place Cambridge academic forced into the titular role. Makes no sense, has no fun, isn't worth any of your time.

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