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McCarthy's Bar

A witty and often weird snapshot of early 90's Ireland. McCarthy is an excellent observer and clever writer, creating a book filled with folklore and interesting ancedotes, even if it does occasionally take a wander off its own path.


Disney taking the Mickey out of Disney with some stellar performances and brilliantly executed set-pieces.  An absolutely enchanting (heh) ride.

Antony and Cleopatra

Brilliantly acted historical epic marred by being a little too long and a little unsure on when it wants to be set.

Lucky Number Slevin

A cult classic that remains surprisingly fresh and enjoyable, with an excellent cast and a brilliantly stylised level of absurdity that demands to be watched.

The Mandalorian

A beautifully directed, brilliantly acted Western set in space and one of the best entries to the Star Wars canon since the original trilogy.

Thor: Ragnarok

An extremely fun, vibrant and action-packed ride that lacks emotional depth. Easily the best Thor film but not quite worthy of inclusion in the MCU's greatest hits.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

A lacklustre adventure that serves as a useful set up for the TV series but little more.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Perfection. A brilliant soundtrack, hilarious cast, and wonderful direction combine to make a superhero tour de force! Still makes me laugh hysterically, tear up occasionally, and love every damn minute – and I don't see that ever changing!

Muppet Treasure Island

A fun, light-hearted kids movie with more than a dash of Muppet magic, though fraying a little around the edges.

Trilobite! Eyewitness to Evolution

An excellent overview of one of evolution's most successful lineages, albeit one that has totally disappeared. There's enough detail here to be considered a genuinely useful reference source, whilst remaining accessible and interesting enough for newcomers to the subject.

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