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Venom: Let There Be Carnage

The comedy routine is still weird, but this was a great version of Carnage and a fun enough film overall.


Stupid fun that throws realism out the door for spectacle, and pulls it off thanks to a solid cast.

See How They Run

An excellent cast for a quirky, oddball whodunnit, but ultimately lacks depth.

Wolf Walkers

Spellbinding animations, a beautiful soundtrack, and a heartfelt story. Stunning!

The Lost City

Completely vapid, except it knew it and tried to lean in, so ended up at a brainless romp.

Rings of Power

It may deviate from the source material, but it does so spectacularly, weaving an epic tale filled with the spirit of Middle-Earth, even if it lacks the facts.

Brooklyn 99

An absolutely brilliant new contender for the office comedy crown, with an exceptional cast and a surprisingly nuanced, modern, and human set of characters. There are some dips in certain seasons, but for the most part it continues to be charming, witty, and heartfelt.


A by-the-numbers kids' film with some fun (albeit little explored) ideas and some excellent physical comedy.

Fall Guys

Simplistic, goofy, and endlessly fun. It's been a while since a multiplayer game arrived that felt this original and polished at once.

Buried Secrets of Keros

Interesting subject matter, but poorly explained and with some weird conclusions.


It rarely steps outside of the standard US formula, but Garrett is chaotic neutral perfected and the humour is steadily finding its feet.

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