Love, Death & Robots

⭐⭐⭐½ based on 1 review.

tl;dr: A highly enjoyable series of short films, each with a sci-fi edge and a unique style, which makes the series ever-inventive and interesting to watch.

Volume One

Spoilers Ahead: My reviews are not spoiler-free. You have been warned.

I don't really know whether to count this as a series or film. Love, Death & Robots is a weird experiment by Netflix to create a series of shorts, all using distinctive and unique animation styles. I don't know what the creative brief was, but I guess anything that included one of the three titular words was good to go, based on what we got. Which is no bad thing; it meant each short felt like a standalone piece. How you quite review something like that, though, is another matter...

I guess, overall, I'd say the experiment was a success. I enjoyed the weird format and it's a great series to dip in and out of, just watch a couple when you have the time and set it down for a bit. Some of the episodes were a bit dull whilst others really shone, but a couple I think will stick with me for quite a while. The opening salvo which sees an underground alien fight club going on was really poignant. The twist that the main character was her fighter, giving her the edge because death actually meant her death, was really well done and I enjoyed the feminist vibes.

Similarly, the episode about the space spider is creepy and really clever. Then there's the weird steampunk/Chinese folklore tale of a huli jing fox spirit that is just beautifully done. Equally beautiful is the weird desert Cambrian ghost abduction sequence. And finally, the werewolf soldiers episode surprised me. It's nothing particularly new, but it was a weirdly poignant take on being an uncast within an army and – I image – must hit home for some people. It certainly stuck with me.

Others, like the time-loopy Witness where a murder witness becomes a murdered and is in turn witnessed, or the rednecks-fight-alien-bug-swarms, are fine but nothing too special. Still, even here the animation is top-notch and the voice acting is brilliant.

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