The Accountant

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tl;dr: A surprisingly clever and different action movie with some great moments, clever twists, and an overall solid plot. Could have been tightened up in a few places, and the portrayal of autism is maybe lacking in nuance, but still enjoyable.


Spoilers Ahead: My reviews are not spoiler-free. You have been warned.

The Accountant is one of those movies that totally failed to meet my expectations, but in a really good way. I guess I expect more of a Tom Clancy style "nobody thrown in hot water, magically becomes a badass" type plots, but this was much better.

In fact, I really enjoyed the film. A few of the plot twists were pretty obvious, such as his partner being the autistic girl we meet at the start of the movie, and I think if it were made today you'd get a little more nuance to the portrayal of autism rather than it simply being a superpower, but overall it was a fun ride that surprised me more than once. I actually didn't see the brother twist coming, though perhaps should have done; it just felt a bit meaningless as a result. Indeed, I think the film could have benefited from a little more character development overall, but it held well enough together without.

I liked the whole J.K. Simmons angle as well, with the downbeat agent being gifted bad guys from a vigilante; honestly, that feels like a more interesting take on certain caped superheroes than we've seen in a while. Plus, the action was just great. It nicely balanced comedy moments with badass ones, it never felt too ridiculous, and it kept to an internal logic that worked well. Yeah, overall, just a really fun, enjoyable movie with much more to it than I had ever guessed.

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