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tl;dr: Funny enough. If you like Key & Peele it might be worth a look but you're not missing much if you don't.


Spoilers Ahead: My reviews are not spoiler-free. You have been warned.

I expected this film to be utterly rubbish but entertainingly funny. I was not far wrong. The premise, if you're unaware, is that following a breakup, a man finds a truly adorable kitten on his doorstep and decides to adopt it. The kitten is then accidentally stolen by some drug dealers, resulting in an insane plot where two utterly suburban friends attempt to infiltrate a gang to get the cat back. All of this, written and starring two of the shining lights in modern sketch comedy: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

To say that shenanigans ensue would be an understatement. All the normal stuff occurs, with drugs, drink and guns aplenty all neatly wrapped in a pun-filled, meta-analysis of the growing differences in black culture in the US. There are genuinely laugh-out-loud moments amongst the mild tittering, including an exceptional sequence involving a panicked backflip, and whilst most of the plot relies on unrealistic coincidences and humorous misunderstandings there are occasional moments of weirdly well-placed character development. The ending also manages to feel fittingly Hollywood with a quick slap of reality, not too far removed from a modern equivalent to the jarring police intervention at the end of The Holy Grail (though in no other way should these two films be directly compared).

To be clear, Keanu is not a great film, nor really a good film. It's a passable film with some fun moments and enough laughs to make it worthwhile. If you find Key and Peele funny, then there should be something for you to enjoy here. But don't worry if you never make the time to watch it; this isn't going to become a cult classic or lost masterpiece. It is, as I found, the ideal film to watch when killing time at the end of a long haul flight.

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