Independence Day: Resurgence

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tl;dr: Truly an awful, awful, awful movie. Next time, just let the aliens kill everyone – it'll be much less painful.


Spoilers Ahead: My reviews are not spoiler-free. You have been warned.

There is absolutely no need for this film to exist. Then again, there's no need for Snow White and the Huntsman to have been given a sequel and I quite enjoyed that, so why the hell not? The original Independence Day is a rollercoaster ride of fun, scientifically appalling sci-fi action topped off with Will Smith's trademark sarcasm. I'm up for a second round of that.

But wait, where's Will Smith? He 'died testing alien technology'... What? Why? So who's the main character here, Geoff Goldblum? That might be cool... but no, not him either? You chose the son? The kid from the first film? Okay, well lets see where this goes and lower my expectations appropriately.

Wait, you mean I didn't lower them enough? You mean you really didn't have a plot at all for this film? You figured stitching together a bunch of fan-favourite scenes from the original would be sufficient? And then plaster them around some secondary invasion where the threat is clearly far too great for any remnant of hope to remain? But you still beat them? Thanks to a handful of characters that are all clearly insane and/or first-generation acting robots? Nope, I'm done.

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