The core Shrek films and spinoffs.

Puss In Boots

A spinoff of a stretched out kids franchise has no right being this much fun. If you're a cat person or Shrek fan, you'll find a lot to like; if not, you'll almost certainly still have a fun ride with scattered laughter throughout.


A true classic. Funny, clever, heart warming, and with enough hidden references that even 20 years on I'm still finding new things to love and laugh about.

Shrek 2

The rare sequel that - in some ways at least - is better than the original. Overall, I think it does come second, but it's still a fantastically fun film which holds up remarkably well.

Shrek Forever After

A much better finalΓ© to the franchise and general return to form, with some excellent humour and a genuinely interesting plot and villain.

Shrek the Third

Fun enough but a little flat and not on par with either the original or the first sequel on the whole, despite the occasional moment of genius.

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