Television and film about the real world.

A Perfect Planet

Beautifully filmed, brilliantly packaged, and utterly depressing – despite all the unique, novel, or never-before-seen behaviour. A great series; a harrowing message.

Alien Worlds

A solid piece of spec-bio with a diverse range of specialists involved, though a little overly simplified in terms of the science presented and with a slightly lacklustre final episode.

Joan Didion: The Centre Will Not Hold

A brilliant and deeply personal introspection of an incredible individual. A truly nuanced and exacting character analysis and a documentary style which I hope to see emulated much more in the future.

Planet Earth

Visually and audibly stunning; season one pushed the boundaries so much it still feels relevant, whilst season two presented a more intimate and mature version of the natural world. Arguably the gold standard in nature documentaries.

Terry Pratchett: Back in Black

A fitting tribute to an amazing man and author. If you're a fan of Discworld or anything Pratchett, do not miss this documentary.

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