Animated Sitcoms

Comedic animated TV shows made for big kids.


A brilliant parody of spy movies with an excellent oddball cast that has, in later seasons, successfully reinvented itself on multiple occasions. A genuine cult classic.

Big Mouth

A surprisingly intelligent dissection of adolescence, puberty, and high school with a dark and lewd sense of humour that has utterly won me over.

BoJack Horseman

A dark, depressing and morbid classic with an unexpected amount of heart, nuance, and finesse. Wonderfully crafted and utterly riveting, even whilst it kicks your hopes and dreams to shreds.


A huge amount of potential to be the Futurama of fantasy but it has yet to pay off. Some fun characters and decent plots, but it can't decide on what type of show it wants to be.


Good news, everyone! It can be a bit hit and miss, but when it's good it's sheer brilliance, and even when it isn't the show still manages to be consistently inventive and entertaining.

Human Resources

Definitely gets rolling by the end, with some solid new characters (plus a few duds), but is lacking some of the heart of Big Mouth.

Inside Job

Quirky, creative, a whole lot of fun, and beginning to craft that touch of depth that could elevate it to the next level.

Rick & Morty

Brilliant, genre skewering television wrapped up in an animated show that pulls some surprisingly intelligent punches. It had a slow start but it has continued to build steam and shows no signs of slowing down.

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