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tl;dr: An interesting dive into Demacia and the evils of oppression, though a little lacking in true depth.


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I've largely ignored the wider universe that has sprung up around League of Legends, but not out of disinterest. Far from it, I've been fascinated by the lore of Runeterra since I first started playing the game, but became a little fed up with the number of retcons and reworks constantly overwriting interesting ideas in the name of new champions or in-game events. More recently, it feels like some of that slash'n'burn world-building is beginning to slow down, instead giving rise to a world that is more fleshed out and consistent. In turn, that provides scope for some interesting additional storytelling, including several comic series that have been running for a little while now. With my return to the game as part of the ongoing Ruination event, I figured I'd take a look at one of the earliest (and finished) series.

Lux is an interesting tale with some very clear analogies to real-world oppression and persecution, whilst neatly filling in a little back story as to how exactly a mage is accepted into a society with this level of prejudice baked in. Whilst we ultimately don't get the answers to that last part, we do get to see hints of how it might come about, whilst progressing several key character plot lines. At the time of release, the comic also served as an introduction to Sylas, a new Demacian mage with some interesting abilities that allow him to feed off other people's magic. That was certainly a neat touch that lays some interesting groundwork for both Lux and her brother Garen, who is clearly unaware of his own latent magic (or at least, that of his sword).

It also does a decent enough job of weighing up the arguments being presented and providing a solid behind-the-scenes look at Demacian society. Still, like a lot of these things, I wish it left a little more room for world-building and character development. It would be nice to get a slightly better understanding of why Demacia has such a hatred of magic, for example. Still, Sylas and Lux themselves both get good arcs, and I thought the ultimate conclusion was a good point to end on. I look forward to the inevitable sequel to find out how Lux manages to enlighten Demacian culture in spite of Sylas' actions, but the stage is firmly set.

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