One Small Leap

Yesterday, I implied that this site was ugly by design. See, my retreat from web development wasn’t due to lack of time, nor waning interest. My love of coding, designing and experimenting with the web never dulled nor guttered out.

Instead, it was smothered. Overwhelmed by a quest for perfection; a fear of failure. Any new website had to be visionary, perfectly executed, uniquely my own.  Predictably I failed, instead becoming paralysed. But by starting with the bare minimum – naked, imperfect, raw HTML – I can finally sidestep my mental blockade. I can finally return to the web. I can finally… start.

A Big Deal?

So for the first time in nearly seven years I officially have a website. An extremely ugly website, admittedly, but that is largely by design – honest! Regardless, it’s definitely a website and, crucially, not a Tumblog, Tweetfeed or anything else vaguely “social media” related. Nope, this is just some HTML and CSS that I wrote, on a server I paid for, found via a URL that I decided on.

In a very digital sense, this is real. Somewhere I can do what I want, write what I want, code how I want. I guess that’s kind of a big deal.