US election through the lens of Africa | gathara

A fascinating Twitter thread detailing the 2020 US elections in the style that Western journalists report on African political stories. Really interesting to see how much the language used changes the picture that the text conveys, even with the occasional humorous bit thrown in; also slightly terrifying to see just how screwed up the US is when viewed through this lens. Far too long to save the entire thing here, but I wanted to grab a few (dozen) of the better tweets. ThreadReader link for posterity as well.

Polls are set to open in 48 hours across the US as the authoritarian regime of Donald Trump attempts to consolidate its hold over the troubled, oil-rich, nuclear-armed, north American nation. Analysts are sceptical the election will end months of political violence.
Viral video of barricades being erected around the presidential palace -known locally as the White House- in the US capital, Washington DC, has raised tensions as rumors spread that incumbent despot, Donald Trump, will not give up power if he loses tomorrow's election.
Report by African experts on US politics calls judicial independence the "weak link" in the covid-blighted nation's democracy, warning of the potential for violence if judges hand-picked by the aging autocrat, Donald Trump, determine the winner of tomorrow's election.
Aid agencies launch "Adopt-An-American" campaign which lets people virtually adopt American kids for a small donation. A website will allow donors to track children's progress, visit with US families and, as a bonus, tour US homes for an authentic American experience.

👆 This has always felt like an immensly dehumanising approach but it's still super weird to see it in this context.

Analysts warn that the fear and desperation created by the deepening US humanitarian crisis, coupled with one of the most tribalized election campaigns in its history, may lift the lid off dangerous ancient ethnic hatreds and grievances that have festered for centuries.
Tribal violence rears its ugly head in strife-torn US as clashes break out between supporters of populist dictator Donald Trump and those of opposition leader, Joe Biden, waving Black Lives Matter flags outside the fortified Green Zone in the capital, Washington DC.
Analysts warn that armed rightwing paramilitary groups, which largely support the autocrat, Donald Trump, may take advantage of his declaration of victory and allegations of vote rigging to expand their activities in the US, one of the world's top 10 banana exporters.

I get the joke here about banana republics, but also the off-hand "factoid about the country we all care about for a week or so" is so on point it's brilliant 😂

Despised by many, the Trumps have monopolized government appointments, corruptly using them to build a global business empire and enrich their friends and associates, many of whom are known criminals, while ignoring the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.
In chilling scenes reminiscent of the infamous 2011 "rivers of blood" speech by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of then embattled Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, Donald Trump Jr, son of embattled US dictator, Donald Trump, has vowed "total war" to keep his father in power.
Having systematically demolished public confidence in the independence and integrity of all other arms of government, US dictator Donald Trump now sets his sights on the country's courts where he will challenge his electoral loss before his hand-picked judges.
The former UK colony, with breathtaking natural beauty and richly endowed with natural resources and friendly people, but also riven by deep ethnic divisions, has suffered a series of political, humanitarian and economic crises which have killed nearly 250,000 people.
While many African observers are aghast at the conduct of the US presidential election, others note that by American standards, it was a relatively good election, in a country where gerrymandering and voter suppression are not considered reasons to invalidate elections.


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  • A fascinating Twitter thread detailing the 2020 US elections in the style that Western journalists report on African political stories. Really interesting to see how much the language used changes […]
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