Lucas the Spider | YouTube

A very cute spider runs excitedly towards the camera on a wood table.
Spider squeeee! Lucas the utterly adorable arachnid.

Lucas the spider has been doing the rounds of the internet this week and I fully understand why. I'm not the world's biggest fan of spiders but I'm also far from arachnophobic, even finding certain real-world spiders adorable. That said, nothing in nature (that I'm aware of) has been designed to tug at the heartstrings quite so cleverly as this short animation test. Others have already called for it, but can I add my name to the petition for Lucas to be in the next Disney/Pixar movie?

Note: this was originally part of a full article titled "Spiders, Dinosaurs and CVs" and the 49th post in my New 52 challenge. That article also linked to a data visualisation CV, the trailer for Into the Spiderverse, the Wildlife Photo-Ark project, and an article looking into the history of palaeoart.

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