Let a website be a worry stone | Ethan Marcotte

While things were changing, I kept working. After a few weeks tinkering with this redesign, I realized I wasn’t working on a website, not really: it was a worry stone.

There's a lot to love in Ethan's thoughts. I saw his tweet weeks ago but found myself returning to it time and time again in my mind, what with, well, everything right now. It's great to see that expanded into a full piece (I actually don't know which came first). Plus, obviously, I can relate. So excuse me; I think there's something about "reviews" that needs working on 😉 After all:

That’s not to say any of these things are done, mind you. But they’re done until I come back to them: until I find something else to revisit, to sand down, to turn over and over and over.

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