How to use React Context Effectively | Kent C. Dodds

I guess I'm reading up on React Context a lot today. Kent provides a useful step-by-step guide in his normal steady manner, which I found pretty easy to grasp. He also makes a very valid point:

Context does NOT have to be global to the whole app, but can be applied to one part of your tree

I've yet to need context very heavily, but this feels like a solid rule of thumb: if it can be localised, do it. It's also interesting hearing his thoughts on default states:

None of us likes runtime errors, so your knee-jerk reaction may be to add a default value to avoid the runtime error. However, what use would the context be if it didn't have an actual value? If it's just using the default value that's been provided, then it can't really do much good.

Finally, I'm a big fan of how he imports hooks as a priority via his context API. It just feels a lot cleaner that way 👍

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