Abolish the police state | Pablo Meier

...the NYPD currently has a $6bn budget, let next year's be $300m, and let them fight over it. Bonus! You've got $5.7bn for decarbonization efforts.

What... 😯

That means the NYPD has almost one-third of NASA's budget ($22.8bn). How?! The rest of Pablo's article is a great summary of why we need to rethink the justice systems that are in place, particularly in the US (though the UK is far from innocent). He also makes some excellent points about working at companies like Facebook and how far walkouts actually work.

Next time? Take down the site and APIs until Mark and Sheryl come to the table.
That people can be bought into brutalizing others sucks, but it's a reality I accept; if you're going to do it, it's insulting to have our future sold for so fucking cheap.

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