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Partial Diamond Justification

A halfway solution to a design pattern that I see often, but have yet to find an easy way to implement: text that wraps so it is always fattest in the middle, and thinnest at either end.

Reframing My Photography Workflow

By reordering the steps that I go through when capturing photos I've been able to make my overall workflow more efficient and much more enjoyable.

Use VSCode as Git Editor on macOS

After months of frustration, I think I've finally worked out how to make VSCode the default Git editor on macOS.

Live Regions, React, & VoiceOver

Apparently, ARIA live regions don't play nicely with React. Whilst they work fine in many browsers, they simply don't function in VoiceOver without some workarounds.

Half Way (And A Bit)

With half the year now firmly in the past, how are my 2022 goals coming along?

Missing Keywords in Lightroom

A solution for an annoying bug in Lightroom where keyword searches stopped indexing new tags.

I, Influencer

The tale of my (possibly brief) foray into the world of tech reviews and market influencers.

Starling & The UX Nightmare

Starling Bank frustrates and impresses me in equal measure. Their technical solutions are magical – when they work – but their service is steeped in a privileged bias that makes them hard to truly recommend.

Backfiring Hype Trains

As more and more companies begin dabbling with blockchain tech, I'm increasingly bemused by just how blind they appear to be to the growing consumer concern over the same space.

Styled Component Quirks

Styled Components have tripped me up a few times today, but I ended up learning some useful tricks as a result.

Craft vs Bitdefender: Certificate Wars

For the last month, I've been getting show-stopping errors in Craft. My web host couldn't find any faults, Craft support had no clue, and it only affected one machine: one with Bitdefender installed. I wonder...

My Virtual Forest

I continue to be impressed by the commitment Krystal – my web host – shows towards green computing. Their recent milestone of planting a million trees also highlighted a really cool charity: Ecologi.

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