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Gradient borders with rounded corners on input fields

Whilst putting together my new search page I ran into a problem: styling an input box so that it had a gradient border and rounded corners. Turns out there's a hack for that.

Adding Search: User Interface (Algolia, Gatsby, Craft CMS - Part 2)

Having hooked up Algolia with my Gatsby build pipeline and populated a search index from my Craft CMS API, the next step was the build a frontend UI to enable users to actually query my posts. It turned out to be a pretty simple process.

Redactor keyboard shortcuts for Craft CMS

I got annoyed having to manually markup inline code for blog posts so I dug around in the Redactor documentation and worked out how to create a keyboard shortcut instead.

The Taxonomy of Me

Well, it only took about a week of dazed puzzling, data tables, and tearing my hair out in clumps, but I think I may finally have a rough content taxonomy for theAdhocracy. A rough first version, that is. Let me explain...

Code Institute's 5 day coding challenge reviewed

Some thoughts on Code Institute's "5 Day Coding Challenge", having just completed it.

Testing the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary

The Sigma 150-600 Contemporary has been on my shortlist as the wildlife lens to get for some time. Today, it left that shortlist... and entered my camera bag! Whilst I can't go out and test it on actual wildlife right now, I have been taking some test shots around the house.

Sparkbox Notes

Notes from my second fully remote conference, this time Sparkbox's UnConference. Being able to freely access talks from the US is a rare bonus of everything going on right now, and this did not disappoint. Musical cameos, great talks on UX, accessibility, design systems, and amazing speakers. Great event (despite the time difference).

Self Categorisation

In which I start off asking a simple question: what content categories should I use on this website? Four hours later, I've discoverd information gardening, now pages, digital-me libraries, and oh so much more. And yes, I think I've answered that first question. Fancy a trip down the rabbit hole?

React Summit 2020 Notes

Notes from the fully remote React Summit 2020 (or at least the talks I tuned in for). Lots covered, from static-site generators and the Jamstack through to React state management and accessibility. What a fun day!

Adding Search with Algolia (Gatsby, Craft CMS - Part 1)

Static sites don't make search functionality easy, but luckily there are some excellent services that do. I've been messing around with Algolia and finally have it working with Craft and Gatsby the way I want it... on the backend, at least.

Classy Microformats

In which I begin by questioning why microformats are defined on the class attribute, instead of somewhere more bespoke, and end up concluding that I don't understand what microformats are actually for... and I'm not sure anyone else does, either.

Working Windows Wallpapers

Having trouble with Windows 10 and wallpaper slideshows? There's an app for that... actually, quite a few, they're just hard to find, so I curated a few that I've stumbled across for you.

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